Justin Bieber might be in the middle of an incredibly successful tour, but thanks to his off-the-stage behavior, no one is very excited to talk about those sold out gigs. Between pissing in a janitor’s bucket and defending his friend who allegedly drunk drove in his car, he’s had a pretty horrible run of press lately, and if the latest rumors are to be believed, he may have done something else incredibly douchey.

According to TMZ, a DJ in Columbus, Ohio is claiming Bieber spit on him inside the VIP section of a local club called the Social Room on Park Street. The unidentified DJ reportedly played a set earlier in the night and was chilling in the reserved area when two of the Biebs’ bodyguards allegedly thought they saw him take a photograph, which would have been a big problem since Justin isn’t yet twenty-one. After going through his phone, they reportedly didn’t find anything, but if his story is to be believed, that didn’t stop Bieber from getting in his face, slinging a few insults and spitting on him for good measure. The unidentified musician is reportedly in the process of filing charges. He also went to the hospital and took a hepatitis test. Fortunately, that came back negative or else this case would have elevated to a completely different level of classless and disgusting.

Considering Bieber has already been accused of spitting on his neighbor and has been acting like a fratty asshole for the last few months, there’s a natural impulse to believe this story has some merit. When it comes to celebrity run-ins with random people, however, it’s remarkably hard to tell where the truth lies. Remember when Bieber was accused of fathering Mariah Yeater’s baby? That turned out to be bullshit, and there’s certainly a fifty percent chance this mess will turn out to be just as baseless too. We’ll all just have to wait and see what a thorough investigation of the facts by the local authorities concludes.

In the meantime, it’s probably best to advise everyone not to take any pictures of Bieber, especially if he’s doing something that could be considered shady, illegal or bad PR. His security team has been accused of stealing a lot of memory cards lately, and replacements can wind up being pretty expensive, perhaps even too expensive to be counteracted by having a great “that time a famous pop star stole my memory card” story.

We’ll keep you updated on this case as more facts emerge. Until then, here’s to hoping Bieber starts going out to dinner and going back to his hotel room after concerts since hanging out at nightclubs clearly doesn’t seem to go very well for either him or the other people at the same location.

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