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Watch Nicki Minaj Shake Her Butt, Get Bleeped At MTV VMAs

Note: The video from last night's performance is no longer available. You can read about it below. If MTV decides to put it back up, we will replace the video below with one that works.

(Video Removed By MTV)

The best thing about awards shows is not watching the biggest music acts in the world perform their biggest hits. With an unfamiliar stage and a need to play to the camera, it’s really hard for these bands/ solo artists/ groups to deliver anything approaching quality. No, the best thing about awards shows is watching unusual collaberations. Short on time and unwilling to cut famous people, big names are often lumped together and no one has any idea what the hell might happen. Last year, we all watched Miley Cyrus ruin Robin Thicke’s marriage, and this year, we got a power trio of Nicki Minaj, Jessie J and Ariana Grande, all of whom gave viewers a taste of what they find sexy.

No offense to Jessie J, who rocked a crazy high slit, and Ariana Grande, who is not the same Nickelodeon star anymore, but as per usual, Nicki Minaj stole the show. Rocking a bright green two piece and later a dress that was ripped down the middle, she ebbed back and forth between slyly seductive and downright sexual, gyrating and making love to the camera with her eyes. Unlike Miley Cyrus’ effort last year, nothing about her performance seemed like a plea for attention. Instead, it was just Minaj, completely within her element, working the crowd and giving them exactly what they came for.

That’s the great thing about weird award show mash-ups. Watching one performer after another really puts into perspective who is experienced and who has natural charisma that can outshine their collaberators. It’s where the mega-stars separate themselves from the stars. And let the record show, Nicki Minaj is a mega-star. She’s got swagger for days. And the butt certainly helps.

Mack Rawden

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