A Still-Blonde Kim Kardashian Posts New Beach Vacay Photos With Pete Davidson, Says He Passes ’Content Taking Boyfriend Test’

The weather is heating up and, as it continues, Hollywood’s brightest stars are sure to start posting some sizzling photos. Kim Kardashian is known to post hot pics over most of the year, though, so it’s no surprise that she’s already posted some fresh ones from the beach. However, the still-blonde haired reality TV star included boyfriend Pete Davidson (also blonde) in this round of vacay photos. She also took a moment to point out that Davidson passed the “content taking boyfriend test.”

The two, who have shared photos from vacations before, seem to be really enjoying their latest tropical getaway. Kim Kardashian shared a slew of pics from the outing to her Instagram. The images show the two blondes taking in the scenery, standing in the crystal-clear water and kayaking in it as well. Take a look at the snapshots for yourself in the post down below:

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These are pretty on-brand vacation photos, as the Kardashians star has pretty much mastered the art of sharing pristine pics at this point. But as alluded to, it would seem that her boyfriend is starting to learn the tricks of the trade as well. In her Instagram stories, the SKIMS founder shared a clip of herself enjoying the water and, as you can see by the long shadowy reflection, it was recorded by the former SNL star. With that, she added the caption, “He passed the content taking boyfriend test.” Check out a still down below and decide for yourself whether he deserves an A for effort:

Kim Kardashian on the beach

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It’s understandable that the social media savvy KIm Kardashian would want a man who also knows how to record a good video or take a solid selfie. And all in all, I think the King of Staten Island star did a nice job of capturing his lady’s fun at the beach. The actor may not have returned to Instagram himself yet, but it doesn’t hurt that he’s keeping his skills sharp.

Compared to the couple’s viral content over the past few months, these posts are a breath of fresh air. Earlier this year, the two were engaged in a social media feud with the billionaire media personality’s ex-husband, Kanye West. During that time, West also parodied Pete Davidson in a music video and declared “civil war” on him. The rapper would end the feud by April, though, and has reportedly been working on himself since the drama ended.

These photos definitely give the impression that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are feeling a strong sense of peace right about now. As time has moved on, the two have continued to create sweet memories that only continue to drive home the point that they’re getting closer. Don’t be surprised if you see more sunny photos like these before the summer is out (and just happen to learn that Davidson is the one taking them.).

If you’re looking for details on the A-list couple, grab a Hulu subscription and stream new episodes of The Kardashians on Thursdays.

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