After Heather Rae Young Updated Fans On Her And Tarek El Moussa's Pregnancy Plans, They've Received 'Not Ideal' News

Newly married couple Heather Rae Young and HGTV’s Tarek El Moussa are hoping to soon start a family together with a baby of their own. Young, who headlines Netflix’s Selling Sunset series, has even taken to documenting their journey on social media. She updated fans previously that – although she has fertile eggs “on ice” – their pregnancy plans entailed another retrieval procedure to increase their chances of conceiving (due to her “low fertility”). But unfortunately, the two have since received “not ideal” news.

Specifically, Heather Rae Young shared on her Instagram stories (via Page Six) some discouraging news from a recent doctor’s visit. The caption for the video indicated that despite things not looking very promising, she was “trying to stay positive.” The Netflix star revealed that it was “not the most fun thing to go through,” adding,

We have two that are strong, one that is still growing, and another one that is still growing, so I have four that are looking decent. Not the best number, so I’m going to talk to my doctor a little later and see if it’s even worth extracting to create the embryo or if we are going to have to do another round.

In a later Instagram post, the reality star revised that she actually has five follicles “in total” that have potential. She continued that the egg retrieval procedure to have them frozen is slated for this weekend, depending on what her ultrasound appointment shows. But Heather Rae Young emphasized that despite her ongoing fertility struggles, it helps her to hear from fans who have gone through similar journeys to becoming pregnant.

Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa were officially married in October of 2021. (Interestingly, a certain Selling Sunset alum was not invited to the festivities.) The Flip or Flop star already has two children, a 6- and 11-year-old, with his ex-wife/co-star Christina Haack. The tenth season of El Moussa’s long-running HGTV show, along with his hour-long wedding special with Young, both premiered in December.

Meanwhile, the Selling Sunset universe is expanding into other locations. Selling Tampa just had a successful freshman season premiere on the streaming platform, and an Orange County spinoff is supposedly in the midst of filming.

But, speaking of pregnancy plans, Heather Rae Young’s co-star Chrishell Stause has some of her own. They apparently include dumping romantic partners/current bosses who are not looking to settle down with a baby. No worries, though, as Stause put out the call with a recent thirst trap post that her “eggs aren’t going to fertilize themselves.”

Season 5 of Selling Sunset is slated for a March release, but it would seem that its follow-up could be a hearty baby-making season if all goes well. Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa are, clearly, doing all that they can to ensure the possibility.

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