How Selling Sunset Star Heather Rae Young's Pregnancy Plans With Tarek El Moussa Are Going 'Faster' Than Expected

Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa dated for just over a year before he decided to pop the big question. However, the Selling Sunset alum had been hinting for some time on her show about their plans to wed. The now-official Mr. and Mrs. Tarek El Moussa (as of October 2021) also have pregnancy plans in the works as well, and it's going much “faster” than either of them anticipated.

HGTV's Tarek El Moussa already has two children from his previous marriage with co-star Christina Haack, an 11-year-old daughter named Taylor and a 6-year-old son named Brayden. New wife Heather Rae Young has no kids herself, but the married couple is now in the preparation stages to change that fact. The Netflix star shared an update with her fans on Instagram (via Hello Magazine), saying:

Just left my fertility doctor. Things are happening faster than I thought. I'm actually starting my injections tonight to stimulate my follicles and my eggs to get me ready for the retrieval, which should be happening in about two weeks.

She continued that the El Moussa pregnancy plan will entail Heather Rae Young taking two different hormonal injections every day for roughly the next week. The reality star added that the treatment is “a little invasive,” so she won't be publicly sharing that aspect. What she will do, though, is “talk through the process” to her interested fan following.

Near the end of 2021, though, the reality TV star had already started revealing more about her fertility journey amidst trying to becoming pregnant. On Instagram in December, in fact, she documented an ultrasound check at her doctors and revealed that they found a cyst that they would just have to “keep an eye on” for now. She also stated that she previously did an egg retrieval procedure – discovering along the way that she had “low fertility and low egg count” – but they managed to obtain six of her eggs too put “on ice” at that point. See the full video here:

Similarly, Heather Rae Young’s Selling Sunset co-star, Chrishell Stause, has also been thinking of a future that involves kids. Stause and her boss at the Oppenheim Group (Jason Oppenheim) dated for most of 2021 but inexplicably broke up before the end of the year. In their official breakup statements, it came out that Stause’s desire to have a family one day differed from Oppenheim’s. Lately, the 40-year-old realtor/actress used a thirst trap to joke on her Instagram that her “eggs aren’t going to fertilize themselves” but that “maybe they will…who knows.”

The Selling Sunset family premiered the much-anticipated fourth season in November on Netflix. (And, much to her dismay, Christine Quinn still gets a villain’s edit.) Meanwhile, Tarek El Moussa’s new Flip or Flop season with his ex-wife just premiered in December on HGTV. To top off the reality TV pile, Heather Rae Young and El Moussa’s wedding special dropped on the fixer-upper network not long after. The only question is now, which show gets future baby bump bragging rights?

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