After Selling Sunset's Chrishell Stause Comes Out With New Romance At Reunion, Her Co-Stars Rally With Sweet Messages Of Support

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Netflix’s Selling Sunset released its first-ever reunion special on May 6, after five seasons on the streaming platform. It was a relatively tame affair, what with Christine Quinn’s absence on set, but host Tan France (of Queen Eye fame) still pulled out a major bombshell about Chrishell Stause’s love life of late. She shared that she was dating someone new – a non-binary Australian musician who goes by the stage name G Flip. With the relationship becoming public knowledge, Stause’s co-stars are rallying behind her with sweet messages of support.

Initially, the news at the reunion seemed to come as a bit of a surprise to some castmates who had no clue about the relationship. But Chrishell Stause explained at the time that G Flip, who identifies as they/them, is someone “very important” to her and helped shift her perspective on identity as well as alternative avenues for pregnancy. Chelsea Lazkani (the Season 5 newbie on Selling Sunset who is herself hoping to shift perceptions about Black women in the real estate industry) commends Stause for her authenticity. She told People during Netflix’s “FYSEE REALI-TEA” event,

I think this is a lesson for everybody to live in your truth and be organic and be authentic and feel like it's okay to grow and grow into different spaces. I think that's what Chrishell is doing and she's growing and she's learning and finding new things about herself, and I think that's inspirational. Don't come at me with any negativity because I will cut you, okay? I support my tribe 100%, point blank, period.

Nevertheless, in the wake of the bombshell, Chrishell Stause evidently received a lot of social media questions of confusion from the fanbase about her sexuality. She had explained during the reunion that she’s really only attracted to “energy,” not physical attributes, per se, but she decided to clarify her stance further in a video on her Instagram later on. Co-star Amanza Smith thinks Stause shouldn’t have to explain herself to anybody, though, saying to People,

I think that if anyone has any negative or confusing things to say about it then they can just keep that. I adore Chrishell, she's one of my closest friends, and... I'm always going to be by her side, 100%.

Selling Sunset’s Davina Potratz and Mary Fitzgerald remarked how “proud” they were of Chrishell Stause for coming forward like how she did. Fitzgerald in fact considered it “brave” that her castmate was willing to speak her truth on such a public forum.

As for Chrishell Stause’s ex-boyfriend/co-star/current boss at the real estate agency, Jason Oppenheim had nothing but kind words at the reunion and later in the comments on Stause’s follow-up video. His twin brother Brett added to the outlet that he’s always going to support his blood, but he also has the same admiration as everyone else for Stause’s new relationship. He said,

I think some people wouldn't have done what she did out of fear. She's always been someone who has not shied away from the moment, not shied away from being herself even if it means that she opens herself up to potential ridicule. I think everybody respects that or everyone should respect that. I certainly do.

The only one among the cast who hasn’t commented publicly on the romance is Christine Quinn. As stated, she was absent from the Selling Sunset reunion and it came out that she had exited The Oppenheim Group that the reality series documents. Her own bombshells would come later as she accused an executive producer of “horrifying” BTS behavior on set, as well as claiming that production knew all along in Season 5 that she was leaving to start her own cryptocurrency brokerage. (She also seems to think she’ll figure into next season somehow.)

Early reports suggested that Selling Sunset has already been renewed by Netflix for Seasons 6 and 7. If that’s the case, we expect more details to come out about the dynamic between Chrishell Stause and G Flip. Until then, check out the titles on the 2022 Netflix TV schedule still to come.

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