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Ahead Of Sweet Magnolias Season 2, New Ty And Annie Information Has Me Worried

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It’s been nearly two years since we’ve been able to keep up with the romantic activities and relationship statuses of the many beautiful denizens of Serenity, South Carolina, but in just a few days Netflix’s hit drama, Sweet Magnolias, will finally return for Season 2. Obviously, there are some major questions we still have about that wild Season 1 finale, but there’s some new information about teen residents Ty and Annie that now has me worried.

What’s Going On With Annie And Ty In Sweet Magnolias Season 2?

In case you don’t quite remember, Ty Townsend and Annie Sullivan are son and daughter to best Sweet Magnolia buddies Maddie and Dana Sue, respectively. Ty and Annie spent a lot of time in Season 1 giving each other longing looks and even kissed briefly, but a new report from TV Line suggests that they still might not be ready for a full romance in Season 2. Apparently, their budding relationship will be “complicated” in the upcoming episodes, with them each having “exciting journeys ahead of them” that might not be what viewers were expecting to see.

Well….Dangit! The report also notes that some of this will be because of the surprising fallout from that damn anxiety-inducing, cliffhanger-producing post-prom car accident that ended Season 1, as that is said to impact the entire town (which was noted when the Season 2 premiere date and synopsis were revealed) and not leave any type of relationship the same as it was beforehand. But, what exactly could this mean for Annie and Ty? Might they not actually become a couple in Season 2?

What Could Stop Annie And Ty From Getting Romantic In Sweet Magnolias Season 2?

As you will probably recall now (seeing as how your memory has been refreshed), those two crazy teenagers have grown up together and been friends their whole lives. But, Annie now has a fierce crush on Ty, who does like her…but also has feelings for another girl (hello, Cece), and (on top of that) doesn’t want to potentially ruin his friendship with Annie. Of course, Annie planted that smooch on Ty after she got drunk at a party halfway through the season, and he helped her get home, but it sounds like the results of the accident will put another big barrier between them.

We know that Ty’s little brother Kyle was driving the car and did, indeed, get hurt, but we don’t know who his passenger was. The current possibilities are Ty, Annie, or Kyle's friend Nellie (who all ran after him when he headed for the car), and if Kyle’s fit of anger that led to him driving off got Annie hurt then that could surely put a dent in the friendship of Dana Sue and Maddie, which might in turn lead the teens to stay away from each other.

And, let’s not forget that in addition to the fact that Ty went to prom with Cece (knowing that Annie had pants-feelings for him), young Kyle has his own serious crush on Annie, which Ty knows nothing about yet. If the accident leads to that being revealed, the older brother might just fully back off so as to not hurt his already dismissed-feeling younger brother.

Basically, Annie and Ty have gotten a good head start on all the romantic drama that their parents have been getting into with a number of suitable and unsuitable love interests. This means that the duo officially dating by the end of Sweet Magnolias Season 2  just might not be in the cards. Again...Dangit!

Sweet Magnolias returns to Netflix on February 4, but you can check out other upcoming romantic TV shows, our guide to all of the returning TV shows, and the 2022 Netflix TV schedule for more to watch right now.

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