Ana De Armas’ Knives Out Co-Star Chris Evans Reacts To Seeing Her As Marilyn Monroe For Blonde

Right: Ana d Armas as Marilyn Monroe resting her head on her hand, wearing a black top Left: Chris evans in an autumnal trench coat wearing sunglasses in Knives Out.
(Image credit: Netflix and Lionsgate)

Ana de Armas and Chris Evans have starred in multiple movies together and keep working together. Both were part of the iconic Knives Out cast and were recently two of the leads in The Grey Man cast. With the actors working together frequently it makes sense that de Armas showed Evans her performance in Blonde a bit early. The Captain America actor is super excited about his costars performance in the upcoming Marilyn Monroe biopic. 

Critics have weighed in on Blonde and the actress's performance as Monroe, while they are mixed, Evans commended his friend's performance and specifically her commitment to the role. He explained to Variety:  

I think this was one of the first opportunities she had to really sink her teeth into something incredibly demanding. I didn’t see one bit of fear; I saw excitement.

Earlier in the profile, de Armas explained that since Blonde was filmed in 2019, and she had to wait three years for its release, she had to show it to people. So, while working on The Grey Man, she had screenings for her friends and the Blonde crew. Evans saw her screentest for the role and said: 

I remember looking at [her camera test] and saying, ‘OK, that’s Marilyn … where’s your shot? That’s you? Holy shit! You’re going to win an Oscar for this!

Meanwhile, when de Armas saw her transformation into the Old Hollywood icon for the first time she was emotional and proud of her performance. 

This movie will mark one of the first times where de Armas is a singular lead rather than part of an ensemble. While she’s been in some massive movies like Knives Out, No Time To Die, and The Grey Man, she is always part of a larger ensemble. Like Evans said it will be exciting to hear what people say about what, I think, could be her big breakout performance. 

While we will probably be hearing about Blonde a lot, especially with awards season around the corner, de Armas is still hard at work on other projects and has another movie with Evans coming up. 

Chris Evans recently posted a new look at their movie Ghosted, which will mark the dynamic duo’s third film together. Their posts from filming this movie make it clear the two are really good friends. From de Armas celebrating her birthday on set to Evans posting celebratory emojis on de Armas’ post when they wrapped filming, it's clear the two enjoy working together. 

Seeing the two work together and continually support each other is so sweet. I can’t wait to see them together again in Ghosted come 2023. However, in the meantime, I’m excited to see if I agree with Evans when Blonde gets released on September 8. While we wait for both these movies to be released, you can watch or (rewatch) their impeccable performances in Knives Out or check out The Grey Man with a Netflix subscription

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