Ana De Armas Shares Pic After Wrapping On Ghosted And Chris Evans Responds With All The Emojis

Chris Evans and Ana De Armas in Knives Out
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Working with your friends on a frequent basis is probably one of the most underrated work perks out there. At least, that’s what it feels like whenever we see co-stars like Ana de Armas and Chris Evans interacting through social media. It can definitely be seen in the latest social media post from de Armas, as she’s wrapped her time on one of Apple’s upcoming movies Ghosted with a cheeky photo that had Evans responding with a string of celebratory emojis.  Now that the movie is available on AppleTV+, take the time to learn 6 interesting things about the movie.

You could say that Ana de Armas is a life saver after taking a look at her latest Instagram post. Posing with a piece of candy in a black and white snap on set, the actor who was recently seen in Hulu’s Deep Water also shared a message for her recurring co-star Evans, as well as director Dexter Fletcher. You can see the photo, and the reaction from the former Captain America himself, below: 

Ana de Armas previously provided further evidence supporting such a light atmosphere, as she also shared her birthday experience on Ghosted’s set. Huge smiles, a sandy beach, and Chris Evans’ soon to be iconic fluffy hair made for quite the snapshot of fun and games. One could imagine what the press day experience will be like for Dexter Fletcher’s latest film, especially if those two happen to be paired up in the same room. 

Much like his habit of co-starring alongside MCU veteran Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans seems to be finding himself paired with Ana de Armas quite a bit in recent days. In addition to previously starring together in Knives Out, Evans and de Armas are part of the absurdly stacked cast for Netflix’s The Gray Man. No wonder there seems to be a palpable air of happiness and warmth surrounding these two whenever they interact, and that happiness feels like a good reason for Apple TV+ subscribers to stick with the platform. 

Though the full plot for Ghosted seems to be under wraps, the fact that it’s being billed as a romantic action-adventure works well in its favor. Just take a look at how The Lost City is still crushing in the top 10 box office standings, and you can see that adding Chris Evans and Ana de Armas to such a movie is only adding gas to the fire. The wait for the finished product is something that is probably annoying their fans right at this moment. 

Unfortunately, we currently have no information on when Ghosted will release, and whether or not a theatrical release will be in the works as well. For now, you can check out the best movies on Apple TV+, while waiting for further updates. Meanwhile, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas will reunite in The Gray Man, as it debuts in theaters and on Netflix streaming this July.  

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