Battlestar Galactica Star Michael Hogan's Wife Shares Holiday Update After Post-Convention Accident Left Actor Partially Paralyzed

It was in February of 2020 that Battlestar Galactica actor Michael Hogan was involved in a slip and fall accident at a dinner event following a BSG fan convention. The incident left the popular sci-fi actor paralyzed on one side, as well as dealing with cognitive impairments ranging from memory loss to trouble swallowing. In the months since, Hogan’s former co-stars have rallied around him in support and his wife, Susan, has given the occasionally update about the actor. 

The accident initially occurred in February of 2020, so it’s been a long, uphill battle for Michael Hogan and his family. It’s not been easy after the slip and fall, but Susan Hogan revealed things are looking up for the family in a message over the holiday season. She noted that her husband is finally working to move around on his own again, noting,

Michael is moving forward daily. His right side is getting so strong! He can now pull himself up to standing, using his right arm and right leg! The physio turns his wheelchair so it faces the wall, and the bannister, then with some assistance from her, and some cues, he pulls himself up!!!It’s just ….. extraordinary. Makes my heart soar. And he is so proud of himself.

It wasn’t just good news on the movement front, as Susan also said that her partner’s spirits are lifting as he works on a one-man show. He’s also excited about the newest addition to the family, baby Hazel, whom the family welcomed five months ago. But possibly the best piece of news is that the actor, known for playing Saul Tigh on the Peacock streaming series, is finally back to being able to eat regular food. 

And we had another 'swallow test' last week and he is now eating mostly regular food! No more”pulverized” food. Needless to say, he is ecstatic. I sneak him in chocolate, and pieces of pie, and cookies.

Susan wrote the holiday update on the Battlestar Galactica actor’s still active GoFundMe page. While there does seem to be a lot of positivity surrounding what is happening with the star, he still is very much under medical care and in need. The family is still trying to reach a goal of $450,000 for ongoing expenses and if you’d like to contribute to his recovery you can do so here.

The year has already been a tough one on the TV landscape, with omicron delaying productions and fans having to say goodbye to some beloved TV personalities. But it’s nice that in this case the Hogan family was able to spread news of positivity and good cheer. Our thoughts are with Michael and his loved ones as they continue on their journey in the coming months. Here’s hoping 2022 ends on another good note.  

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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