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Beyoncé Had The Best Response After Seeing A Madea Homecoming's Funny Promo Nod

Tyler Perry as Madea in A Madea Homecoming
(Image credit: Netflix)

Tyler Perry’s famous alter ego Madea is back this weekend for Netflix’s A Madea Homecoming, which brings the comedic character back from the dead. Prior to 2020, Perry had decided to retire the character for good and went on a farewell tour as the character. With A Madea Homecoming, fans of Madea get to get a kick out of the character once more, including Beyoncé... apparently. 

Leading up to the release of A Madea Homecoming, Tyler Perry has released a number of spoofs of famous things that include Madea right in the middle of them. He did Madea as Mary J. Blige during the Super Bowl, her own version of Bridgerton, The Crown, Adele’s last album and Beyoncé’s own Homecoming film. Perry shared one massive reaction to the fun Madea marketing and it's great. In his words: 

Beyoncé and I talked, yes. I have heard from Adele. All of them love it, man, they just think it's hilarious. They thought it was hilarious that I spoofed all over them. [Beyoncé] sent me this text that is just saying, 'D E A D.'

Now you know it went viral if Queen Bey took notice! While speaking to ET, Tyler Perry shared that Beyoncé did in fact see his tribute to her Homecoming film and sent him a text that showed that she was laughing at the parody. According to the filmmaker and actor, Adele also reached out to him as well to applaud him for the funny spoof of her 30 album. Check out the Beyoncé meme we’re talking about: 

It definitely speaks to Tyler Perry’s reputation as a funny man if he’s getting messages from such famous names before A Madea Homecoming had even come out, particularly given how much Bey seemed to like the movie moment. (I like how much she seemed to like it!) The nods are basically fun little photoshop pictures that place Madea in the shoes of these artists. Considering Perry left and returned as Madea, the Homecoming one is a particularly clever one. 

Tyler Perry decided to revive Madea following the events of the pandemic and current status of politics in America. Perry felt like his “tool” to contribute to laughter for the public was Madea and thus he decided to bring her back for A Madea Homecoming. The movie was not well received by critics (as per usual), but overall, audiences seem to be having a ball with the film. The comedy has debuted at No. 1 of the streaming service’s top movies already, too.  

Following A Madea Homecoming, it doesn’t look like there are current plans to bring her back for a thirteenth film, but we’ll have to wait and see. Tyler Perry also directed and wrote a thriller for Netflix called A Jazzman’s Blues, which is in post production. You can check out the 2022 Netflix movie schedule here on CinemaBlend. 

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