Daisy Jones And The Six Star Riley Keough Opens Up About Why She Was 'Put On This Earth' To Play The Titular Character

Riley Keough in Daisy Jones and the Six leaning against a tour bus
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When you look at the cover of the novel Daisy Jones and the Six you are met by a woman staring confidently into the camera with big, curly ginger hair framing her face. That is Daisy Jones. I don’t know about you, but when I saw this woman for the first time, I immediately started to think about who could play her in a series or movie, and once I knew Riley Keough was cast in the titular role, it felt perfect. Now, the actress is opening up about why she also felt the urge to play Dasiy Jones, and how she connected to her complicated character. 

On the surface, Keough fits Daisy’s physical description perfectly. Her curly ginger hair and big eyes are so much like the rockstar’s description in the book, and watching Keough act, she has the confidence and ease of the fictional rockstar we’re about to see on screen in the highly anticipated Dasiy Jones and the Six. Turns out, the actress, also knew she should be playing this character, and when Keough met with the showrunners and producers, she told them, per NYT:

I was put on this earth to be Daisy.

She then reflected on this declaration, and explained how she related to the rockstar, and why she felt the need to bring Daisy and The Six’s story to life:

Daisy is complicated. I didn’t identify with Daisy’s desire to sing and write songs, because that’s something I had never done. What I connected with was Daisy’s artistry and how she felt, not being taken seriously as a young woman.

Keough’s explanation for why she connected to Dasiy makes perfect sense. Being a woman, and being taken seriously as an artist is difficult, and the rockstar’s story is one that I’m sure many others have lived, no matter their creative medium.

Another reason why Keough is the perfect fit for Daisy is her history with rock ‘n roll. Her grandfather is Elvis Presley, and her mother is the late Lisa Marie Presley. While the actress may have never gotten into music herself, her family history is steeped in it, so I assume she has a unique take on what it meant to be a musician coming up in the '50s, ‘60s and ‘70s based on her grandfather’s experience. 

Hearing Keough’s enthusiasm for the role, and passion for Daisy Jones, makes me, a fan of the book, confident that this show will be amazing. Between this phenomenal actress in the titular role, and the lengths the creative team has gone to to make Dasiy Joens and the Six, it’s clear they are passionate about and love the work.

We’ll get to see Keough as the iconic Dasiy Jones very soon, because Daisy Jones and the Six is one of many highly anticipated book-to-screen adaptations on the 2023 TV schedule. You will be able to watch this actress in her titular role on March 3 with an Amazon Prime subscription

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