Elliot Page Shows Off Shirtless Six-Pack Abs As Umbrella Academy Fans Await Season 3 Trailer

Shortly after The Umbrella Academy’s second season released to Netflix last year, a Season 3 was confirmed and fans of the misfit superhero series have been desperately waiting for more content. While they’ll be waiting a little longer for a trailer for the upcoming season, fans have a little reprieve as star Elliot Page shows off their shirtless six-pack abs in a new post.

Elliot Page has been giving sporadic updates on Season 3 for the past year, but this time they posted a little bit of a personal update to Instagram in the form of a shirtless pic, and Page is absolutely jacked. You can check out their abs in the post below:

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While Elliot Page totally played it cool with the caption, “Oh good my new phone works,” it’s pretty clear that the fans in the comments are anything but chilly toward the photo. Some fans in the comment section are keeping with the phone gag and saying Page’s hotness is about to break the new phone, while other fans are too stunned to speak and are simply commenting with some fire and heart emojis. 

It is certainly the update that fans never knew they needed, but they are still awaiting a trailer to drop for Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy. Thankfully, Elliot Page dropped the first set pic earlier this year, but Netflix has been staying pretty quiet about releasing much about the upcoming season. 

Netflix’s Geeked Twitter account dropped the log lines of all the genre series coming to Netflix in 2022, but the two sentence summary of The Umbrella Academy Season 3 wasn’t much of an update at all. Unlike Elliot Page’s occasional updates, it came without a visual to feed fans' desires for more of the series. You can check that tweet out below:

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Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy was filmed and released before Elliot Page came out as transgender, and they look a good deal different than their character in The Umbrella Academy now. Netflix and the show’s production team have expressed their acceptance and support of Page. Netflix has changed all of Page’s credits on the streaming platform to reflect their new identity and fans have been assured that Page will have a place in Season 3, but it is unclear what changes that could mean for Page’s character and if Vanya Hargreeves will reflect any changes in the series.

Although The Umbrella Academy Season 3 doesn’t have an exact release date, we can, thank goodness, expect the upcoming season to drop to Netflix in 2022, along with a slew of other series. That does make a little bit of a longer gap than fans may be used to between seasons of hit shows, but considering the pandemic that the world has been going through, it’s pretty understandable. For now, you can always watch and rewatch the first two seasons on Netflix.

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