Emily In Paris Season 3 On Netflix? Star Lily Collins Already Has Thoughts

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Netflix hit Emily In Paris is gearing up to deliver the second season to fans just in time for the holidays. The romantic dramedy follows Lily Collins the self-awarely annoying titular character who lands a dream job in Paris as a marketing executive, and handles all of the problems and perks that come with such a change (both the believable ones and the not-so-believable kind). With Season 2 premiering soon, could fans look forward to a third season? The star has some thoughts. 

Even though the first season of Emily In Paris was met with some criticism, it didn’t stop Netflix from renewing it for a second season. Lily Collins talked to Glamour ahead of Season 2 and she gave her thoughts about attempts to be slightly more diverse in upcoming episodes, as well as thoughts on a potential third outing alongside the rest of the cast:

I really hope people laugh and smile and get to have the same feelings of escapism and fun that they did the first season. I hope viewers find more of themselves in different characters, and feel seen and represented in the show. And I hope that we get a Season 3, because I really hope we get to come back and do this again.

Emily In Paris was Netflix’s most popular comedy series of 2020, with 58 million households watching some or all of the episodes. It’s not so surprising that the streamer renewed it so quickly, and it seems like Season 2 would have to tank pretty hard for Netflix to back away from order more episodes. Collins spoke more about the efforts to improve the show through representation, saying:

If there's ever an opportunity to be better, do better, and have more representation and inclusion, you should run with it. There were certain conversations that we became a part of [such as the Golden Globes]…and while I don’t think I expected to be thrown into it in the way in which we were, I felt like it was definitely an opportunity to be able to do better in Season 2. It was definitely difficult to go through in a sense, but nowhere near as difficult as what the overall conversation was. And that was what was most important.

It's obviously hard to tell whether or not Netflix will renew the series, considering the latest episodes still haven't debuted. Season 1 sparked some major backlash from viewers due to some French-focused stereotypes. It will be interesting to see what will happen in Season 2 and if Emily In Paris will fix the stereotyping issues along with others. It's still possible that Netflix will renew the series for a third season even if the problems persist, assuming enough people are watching those problems, but the streaming execs likely won’t be making the announcement until after Season 2 numbers are tallied.

Fingers crossed that Emily In Paris gets renewed for a third season and it doesn’t fall victim to Netflix’s list of short-lived series that were cancelled after a season or two. Season 2 will debut on Wednesday, December 22, so be sure to make it a Christmas week binge to help those chances.

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