Fatal Attraction: The Premiere Date, Cast And Other Things We Know About The Paramount+ Series

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There was once a time where TV adaptations of popular movies were looked at with deep skepticism, often because they sometimes ended up as cheap versions or knockoffs of the original source material. Some, like M.A.S.H. and In The Heat of the Night, lived up to the lofty expectations from audiences, but many others did not. Soon, anyone with a Paramount+ subscription will get to see if the forthcoming Fatal Attraction TV show will live up to the Academy Award-winning 1987 psychological thriller of the same name. 

If this is the first you are hearing about the Fatal Attraction TV show, worry not because we have a decent amount of information on the streaming series from the actors who will be taking over the roles made famous by Glenn Close and Michael Douglas to what we can expect to see from the show when it makes its eventual debut.

What Is The Fatal Attraction Premiere Date?

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There isn’t all that much time to wait until the arrival of Fatal Attraction, as the series is set to premiere Sunday, April 30th.. In the matter of a few weeks, the list of great Paramount+ original shows will be a little bit longer with this TV adaptation of the iconic ‘80s erotic thriller.

The Fatal Attraction Cast Includes Joshua Jackson And Lizzy Caplan

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When Fatal Attraction came out in theaters in 1987, it quickly became not only one of the best Glenn Close movies, but also one of the most intense cinematic experiences of all time. But instead of Close’s Alex Forrest terrorizing Michael Douglas’ Dan Gallagher this time around, it will be Lizzy Caplan obsessing over Joshua Jackson’s version of the character over the course of the streaming series, as Paramount+ announced in January 2022. Caplan and Jackson have each found success with psychological thrillers as of late with Caplan portraying a different version of Annie Wilkes on the second season of Hulu’s Castle Rock and Joshua Jackson received praise for his take on Christopher Duntsch in Peacock’s Dr. Death.

Other members of the Fatal Attraction cast include Amanda Peet as Beth Gallagher, Alyssa Jirrels as Ellen Gallagher, Toby Huss as Mike Gerard, Reno Wilson as Detective Earl Brooker, and Brian Goodman as Arthur Tomlinson. 

The Fatal Attraction Teaser Is Full Of Steamy Romance And Tense Situations

Josh Lucas on Fatal Attraction

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Those who were wondering if the Fatal Attraction series would have as much passionate and forbidden romance, tense situations, and intrigue as Adrian Lyne’s psychological thriller were given even more reason to be excited in early March 2023 when Paramount+ released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming adaptation. Check it out below:

The brief video, which clocks in at a little more than a minute long, packs in a lot in a short amount of time, including some tantalizing and thrilling moments in an elevator, in the rain, and just about everywhere else before shifting to an incredibly tense and uncomfortable interaction to close it out. If this is any indication of the show’s direction, Fatal Attraction is going to be right up there with its big-screen predecessor.

The Fatal Attraction TV Show Will Reimagine The Events Of The Original Movie Through A Modern Lens

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In January 2022, when announcing the casting of Joshua Jackson in of the show’s lead roles, Paramount+ revealed that the upcoming series will be a reimagining of the original Fatal Attraction film but that it will explore the various themes of the movie like love, marriage, and infidelity “through the lens of modern attitudes” when it comes to the depiction of strong women, personality disorders, and coercive control.

These statements don’t give too much away about the scope and tone of the show but maybe it will have a more delicate touch than that of the original Fatal Attraction and the ending Glenn Close didn’t like

Alexandra Cunningham Is Serving As Both Writer And Showrunner Of Fatal Attraction

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The Paramount+ Fatal Attraction TV show is being spearheaded by Alexandra Cunningham who is serving as the series’ showrunner and executive producer in addition to co-writing the series alongside Kevin J. Hynes. Cunningham, whose writing credits include NYPD Blue, Bates Motel, and Desperate Housewives, created the Bravo drama series Dirty John before turning her attention to the upcoming psychological thriller. Hynes previously wrote and served as an executive producer on shows like Perry Mason, Dirty John, and Scorpion.

In May 2022, Deadline announced that Silver Tree, who has previously worked on shows like The Flight Attendant and You, would be adding to her resume by serving as a director on Fatal Attraction. The number of episodes Tree directed, or if other directors will be stepping in, has yet to be revealed.  

The Fatal Attraction TV Show Will Have A ‘Strong And Nuanced’ Point Of View

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If you watc Fatal Attraction in 2023, certain aspects of the movie probably won’t sit as well with you as they did upon its release 3 years ago, specifically when it comes to the treatment of the film’s female characters. That appears to be something the new Paramount+ streaming series plans to address. In a statement from President of Paramount+ Original Scripted Series Nicole Clemens (via Variety) touched on what showrunner Alexandra Cunningham will bring to the table, saying:

Alexandra [Cunningham] brings an incredibly strong and nuanced point of view to a story that became a cultural phenomenon but has thus far only been told from the male gaze. Partnered with Kevin [J. Hynes], they will bring the next explosive chapter of this story to a new generation with a balanced eye to the complexities of the human psyche.

Exactly how the Fatal Attraction creative team plans on offering a different perspective to the story (or possibly an alternate ending) and what changes will be made remains to be seen, but considering the track record of those involved, we should be in for something a little different than before.

Fatal Attraction Will Consist Of Eight Episodes

Josh Lucas and Lizzy Caplan on Fatal Attraction

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Sunday, April 30th. New episodes will go on to debut each Sunday for the next three weeks, with the final two episodes becoming available to stream on Sunday, May 28, Paramount+ has announced.

Want More From Paramount+?

Expect to hear a lot more about Fatal Attraction as we get closer to its April 30th premiere. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our 2023 TV schedule for all the latest on all those new and returning shows.

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