Henry Cavill Just Pulled Out A Personal Image From The Witcher For Your Viewing Pleasure

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After a nearly two year wait, The Witcher Season 2 is almost upon us. While we’ve been given many looks at the action yet to come, and gotten several intriguing tidbits about what to expect from the new season, anticipation is still at a fever pitch for fans who’ve been dying to dive into this new leg of adventures with surrogate father / monster hunter Geralt, exiled princess Ciri, and war-fighting witch Yennefer. Now, star Henry Cavill has pulled out a personal image from filming The Witcher for our viewing pleasure.

Look, Henry Cavill is nothing if not very excited about working on The Witcher. The actor was such a devoted fan of the video games based on the novel series by author Andrzej Sapkowski, that he lobbied hard for the role of Geralt, and even agreed to audition for it. So, it’s no wonder that Cavill’s Instagram is frequently filled with Witcher-related things, when he’s not trying out new recipes or working on geeky stuff, anyway. And, he’s recently gifted us with a cool behind the scenes photo of himself in character for The Witcher, which should help fans continue to pass the time until the second season’s December 17 debut:

WOW. Striking photo, right? With all of the sword-fighting action on The Witcher, it’s rare that we get a good look at Geralt when he’s not covered in dirt, blood, various amounts of viscera, and also staring straight ahead while in broad daylight, so, this is a very nice change of pace! Although, Cavill is still proudly wearing Geralt’s famously grumpy, eyebrow-knitting scowl, so it’s not that different from what viewers usually see of the character on the hit fantasy series.

Of course, Cavill did also manage to take his followers down a nerdy rabbit hole with his Geralt picture, and I doubt his fans would have it any other way. In his caption, the actor mentioned that the look could also double for Neoth, a.k.a. the Emperor of Mankind, from some deep, deep cut lore for Warhammer 40K, which is a fantasy tabletop war game. That character is usually pictured with a halo of light behind him and some rather creepy / intense eyes, so the lovely lighting and Cavill’s potentially troubling Geralt contacts really do work well to do double duty here.

I’m sure most fans of The Witcher, while thrilled to be able to look upon Cavill’s Geraltified visage in this image, are really just chomping at the bit to get those full Season 2 episodes right into their eyeball holes. After all, this photo seems to come from the filming of said season, seeing as how you can easily spy a couple of masked crew members behind him. 

Lucky for us, the new season of The Witcher promises to be quite a ride, with all of our favorites (and those we love to hate) returning, and many new characters coming to join the adventure, which will see Geralt protect / train Ciri at the stronghold where he received his Witcher training as a child (and talking a lot more). After taking a look at this photo Henry Cavill posted, though, all I can wonder about is whether or not he found someone to play Warhammer with during his downtime on set. I can totally see him blissfully nerding out during any possible spare time while filming, can’t you?

The Witcher returns on December 17 for Season 2 on Netflix, but for more to watch this month, check out all of your holiday options with our 2021 Christmas movies and TV schedule

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