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How To Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas Streaming And On TV - December 2021

A Charlie Brown Christmas
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Ever since its debut on December 9, 1965, A Charlie Brown Christmas has been a staple of holiday season entertainment for millions upon millions of people around the world, a tradition that just keeps on keeping on. And despite changes in the way in which people watch the timeless classic about a despondent Charlie Brown doing his best to put on a Christmas play while in the middle of an existential crisis, every December, the 25-minute-long special is a must watch for audiences of all ages.

And going with the new tradition of being able to watch pretty much anything at any given time, you can watch A Charlie Brown Christmas streaming this year in addition to catching the animated special on a more traditional TV broadcast. Here’s how to watch one of the most popular Christmas movies, Charlie Brown!

How To Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas Streaming

Anyone with an Apple TV+ subscription can watch A Charlie Brown Christmas streaming as much as they want this holiday season (as well as throughout the year) thanks to the popular platform having the exclusive streaming rights to all of the Peanuts classic specials, as well as new programming. The deal wasn’t well-received by parents when it was first announced in late 2020, but there are other (and free) options to watch the beloved special and listen to those classic songs from the Vince Guaraldi Trio this year.

But if you do have an Apple TV+ account (or looking for a reason to sign up for a free trial), we have you covered in the link below.

Stream A Charlie Brown Christmas on Apple TV+.

How To Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas On TV

A Charlie Brown Christmas has aired on multiple broadcast networks since its December 1965 debut including CBS (until 2000), ABC (2001 to 2019), and now PBS, which made an agreement with Apple TV+ and began showing the special alongside numerous other Peanuts holiday programs starting in 2020. The public television channel will once again be home to the special this year when it airs A Charlie Brown Christmas Sunday, December 19 at 7:30 p.m. ET on PBS and PBS Kids.

If you want to be a traditionalist and sit around the TV set with your kids with a cozy fire in background, this is your golden opportunity to do so.

Other Charlie Brown Holiday Specials Streaming On Apple TV+

There is even more of the Peanuts to enjoy on Apple TV+ this holiday season, as classic titles and new specials alike are available on the platform. And while there are specials dedicated to practically every major event on the calendar, for now we’ll just focus on the upcoming holidays. Any of the titles found below will keep you and your family more than happy this holiday season.

Stream It’s Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown on Apple TV+. 
Stream Snoopy Presents: For Auld Lang Syne on Apple TV+.
Stream Happy New Year, Charlie Brown on Apple TV+.

Hopefully this helps you make sense of the streaming and broadcast situation for A Charlie Brown Christmas this year. If you are looking for more holiday cheer, check out all the other great offerings on the 2021 Christmas Movies and TV schedule.

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