Kim Kardashian Just Dropped The Same Bikini Photo A Second Time, But She Had A Good Reason

Kim Kardashian hosting SNL
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Kim Kardashian may have made a lot of headlines in recent months due to the impending arrival of her new Hulu series The Kardashians as well as her high-profile divorce from Kanye West. However, she’s been a busy bee on the business front as well. As part of that, she just dropped the same bikini photo on social media for a second time, but she has a pretty good reason: launching her own swimwear line.

Kim Kardashian’s highly popular (and occasionally roasted) SKIMS brand has been known for fashionable shapewear since its launch in 2018, but shapewear was so twenty-tens. Now that it’s 2022, the fashionista and reality personality is dropping her own line of SKIMS swimwear, and she’s been leading up to the brand's big launch for a while. While a launch party happened in Miami this weekend, Kim Kardashian also shared a look modeling her own, well, looks, and you can check it out below.

Familiar? If you follow Kim Kardashian on the regular, this may not be a new image for you. The Kardashian clan is known for occasionally recycling images they love, sometimes for throwback reasons or sometimes when two sisters may share the same post at different times on their social media feeds. Back in January, however, Kim Kardashian shared this particular look on her Instagram Stories and yes, they're definitely the same photos.

Kim Kardashian the first time she shared SKIMS bikini post.

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Kim Kardashian bottom half SKIMS bikini.

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It's hard to forget a bikini, though in this case the moonlit shot was what really made the image memorable. The SKIMs brand itself certainly dug the repeat look, sending three black heart emojis in approval. And Paris Hilton responded with her (also oft-repeated) “That’s hot.” In past months, Kim's own sister Kourtney and Megan Fox crushed their own SKIMS campaign, but this look proves Kim K’s still got it–and is happy to flaunt it twice!

This isn't exactly the first time Kim Kardashian has rocked a bikini (and simultaneously shook the interwebs). She recently even wore a stringy swimwear number to seemingly go on a motorcycle ride, which is a bold choice. This time though, it's easy to see why she opted to throw that photo out there in support of her new line of swimwear. If that stunning photo doesn't sell bikinis, I'm not sure what would. 

Meanwhile, if you are looking for brand spankin' new, non-repeated bikini images, Kim and her sister Khloé Kardashian were out and about in Miami this weekend in support of the launch of the new swimwear line. While Khloé rocked a sheer minidress and the swimwear, Kim Kardashian opted to wear a bikini top from her new line with some pants. 

Kim Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian at Miami SKIMS SWIM launch 2022.

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Major names, including Naomi Osaka and Karolina Kurkova, also attended the big dinner event, which was held in Miami’s Design District. Meanwhile, while the event went down on Saturday, SKIMS SWIM officially launched on Friday, March 18 at 9AM PT. One pieces, two-pieces, long-sleeved swimwear and more for all body types are available in the shop.

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