Kourtney Kardashian Explains How Her Viral Vaginal Health Gummies Are Supposed To Work, But Expert Says Not So Fast

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Kourtney Kardashian has embarked on a new journey over the last year following her marriage to Travis Barker. After going through (and recovering from) IVF treatments to try to have a baby with her new husband, the reality star seems to be more into promoting body positivity and health — particularly through her new brand Lemme. However, as Mrs. Barker launches Lemme Purr, a gummy probiotic for vaginal health, several medical experts are questioning her claims, and they are warning the public about taking medical advice from celebrities.

Anybody who follows the Kardashian family knows that health has always been important to Kim Kardashian’s older sister. Kourtney has thrown herself into Lemme, her new line of supplements vitamins, even sharing sexy behind-the-scenes pics from her marketing shoots. Lemme Purr was apparently a highly anticipated release, she said on Instagram, with her followers excited to stock up on the probiotic ahead of Valentine’s Day, and Kourtney explained exactly how the gummy is supposed to help her customers’ “down-there” situation, writing: 

There are so many different things that can affect natural pH– stress, some foods we eat, soaps, sex and even antibiotics (just to name a few). But the right probiotics can help bring balance back to your vaginal microbiome which is why we were so excited to formulate and launch this gummy. We use clinically-studied SNZ-1969 probiotics specifically tested for vaginal health. We also added antioxidant Vitamin C for an extra immunity boost. And a little pineapple as a bonus!

The 60-count bottle of pineapple-flavored gummies costs $30 on Lemme’s website

However, some experts in gynecology have spoken out, cautioning fans about taking medical advice from celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian. Dr. Brooke Vandermolen, a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology, per the Daily Mail argues that there is “no merit” to the reality star’s claims that the gummies will actually benefit vaginal health. The doctor said:  

In a healthy person - one who doesn't suffer with recurrent infections - there is no reliable scientific evidence that taking probiotics have any beneficial effect. Probiotics are also a catch-all term, meaning it can contain any number of different bacteria and we don't know if those contained in this supplement have been tested and show any benefit or that when taken orally, that they will even reach the vagina.

Dr. Anita Mitra, a gynecologist and scientist with a PhD on the vaginal microbiome, seconded that assessment in the same article, pointing out that words like “probiotics” and “microbiome” are often thrown around as buzzwords. She said the specific probiotic used in Lemme Purr “has not been particularly well-researched with regards to vaginal health,” and furthermore posited that it’s extremely problematic to suggest women need to change the smell of their vaginas. She said: 

There is absolutely no evidence to demonstrate that this product does actually change the odour or taste. It's incredibly problematic. I understand that the celebrity in question does not understand the science behind vaginal health and probiotics, however, in 2023, it's disappointing to see a woman shaming other women into buying a product by suggesting that they need to change the smell and taste of their vagina. … Anyone who tells you that you need to change the taste or smell of your vulva or vagina is working with the patriarchy.

Kourtney Kardashian may be very health-oriented, but we all know she’s not a doctor. While fans are surely excited to try out her new products, it’s important to remember to consult an expert for medical advice. PhD or not, Kardashian will be back on The Kardashians when Season 3 hits the 2023 TV schedule, so be sure your Hulu subscription is up to date! 

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