Kourtney Kardashian Shares Lowest Weight, Gets Real About What Being Skinny Meant For Her Self-Esteem

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Kourtney Kardashian has been open about her and Travis Barker’s baby-making hopes together, including how they’re trying to make pregnancy happen. The newlyweds’ IVF journey was detailed on the first season of The Kardashians (available for streaming via Hulu subscription), and many of the Poosh founder’s fans and social media followers have noticed the inevitable changes to her body, which she says she’s come to love. To that end, Kardashian opened up about how low her weight got and how it all played into her emotional state.

On the October 6 episode of The Kardashians, “Life Can Change on a Dime,” Kourtney Kardashian was engaged in a cover shoot for Bustle when she spoke up about how the hormones from her IVF treatments have resulted in her “thicker” body. She said now she weighs 20 pounds more than when she was at her lowest weight, sharing: 

My weight, I used to go so much by weight. Oh my God, I used to be like 95 pounds. And then like 105 became my new normal weight. I’m 115. I used to be stuck on the number.

Looking back at photos of her svelter self, Kourtney Kardashian said she looked “cringey,” and that her smaller size wasn’t a direct reflection of how she felt about food or maintaining a certain number on the scale. Rather, she shared that it was an indication of other things (like drama with ex-boyfriend Scott Disick, perhaps?) in her life that had negative effects on her self-esteem. She said:  

When I was super skinny, it’s a time that I was super anxious, not about eating, not about staying at a certain weight, but just in, like, toxic relationships. I used to always say this, like, when I’m super skinny, just know I’m not happy.

Being able to be comfortable with her changing body didn’t come overnight, however. Kourtney Kardashian has taken issue with social media users constantly asking if she’s pregnant. She credited her husband with being so supportive and complimentary, to the point where she said she came to embrace the changes and love the way she looks. She told her team at the Bustle shoot: 

Every day Travis is like, ‘You’re perfect.’ If I make one complaint, he’s like, ‘You’re perfect. You’re so fine.’ He’s like, ‘You’re so fine. You’ve never been better.’ And now I’m so into it.

I just love the confidence that the reality star has found about the way she looks, despite her body changing from where she was previously comfortable. She went on to celebrate her new curves, as she posed for the magazine, saying: 

My ass is amazing. I’m so into my thicker body. … I also love being curvier. It’s just channeling that queen energy and embracing the woman that I am.

We are so here for it. The new Mrs. Barker feels so comfortable in her skin that she told her mom that she’d celebrated having a kid-free house by doing the dishes “butt naked.” It’s so good to see that Kourtney Kardashian has found such joy in her life, regardless of what number looks back at her from the scale. 

You can continue to see the goings-on of the eldest Kardashian sibling, her sister Kim Kardashian, and the rest of the crew on new episodes of The Kardashians every Thursday on Hulu. Check out our 2022 TV schedule to see what other shows are premiering soon. 

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