Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Reworked The Astroworld Entrance For Stormi’s Big 5th Birthday

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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott may be on an “off” period of their on-off relationship, but the rapper was represented in a big way for their daughter Stormi’s 5th birthday. A “Stormiworld”-themed party — a play on her father’s Astroworld album — was held to celebrate her big day, which appeared to include plenty of fun with her large extended family, a heart-shaped birthday cake and, of course, an insane number of balloons. Some fans, however, were perplexed that the reality star would resurrect the “Stormiland” theme, after the Astroworld Festival tragedy in 2021 that left 10 people dead.

Stormi Webster’s party featured a huge inflatable Stormi head, an obvious nod to the big Travis Scott head depicted on the Astroworld album cover, which was also used as the entrance to his Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas. The tunnel used for her 5th birthday party appeared to be the same or similar to one used in past years, only silver. Kylie Jenner posted a video of the entrance to her Instagram Stories


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Other images shared by the makeup mogul showed hoodies and T-shirts created in honor of Stormi and her little brother Aire, that said “Stormi Five is Live” and “Aire to the Throne.” It wasn’t just the entrance, either, that featured the inflatable “Stormiworld” head, as another of Kylie Jenner’s pics showed the head at the top of an inflatable slide: 


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The Kardashians star’s decision to continue the “Stormiworld” theme following the 2021 Astroworld Festival tragedy is an interesting one. Ten people were killed in a crowd surge — including a 9-year-old boy — and hundreds more were injured. Some of Kylie Jenner’s fans were taken aback by the Astroworld imagery, given the loss of life that occurred at the festival in 2021, with one Redditor asking: 

Isn't this tasteless after the Astroworld tragedy.....where children died…

That sentiment was echoed by many others, who saw the “Stormiland” party as insensitive to the victims and their families. Another Reddit user commented: 

I can’t believe she fucking did this again after what happened. I mean I can but it’s just so gross.

For what it’s worth, “Stormiworld” was the theme for the 5-year-old’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd birthday parties as well, with her 4th birthday — which fell just three months after the Houston tragedy — being celebrated at a joint party with Kim Kardashian’s daughter Chicago.  

Several other Redditors suggested that it might have been Stormi’s idea to continue the theme, as she is likely unaware of any controversy surrounding Astroworld. Whoever made the decision, the party did go on, and Kylie Jenner shared some sweet words for her 5-year-old in a separate Instagram post, saying: 

i gave you the gift of life and life gave me the gift of you. the most special girl. this little face. i will miss it as it keeps changing. 5 years of loving you and forever more to go. i will always be there for you storm girl.

Stormi’s birthday came just one day before Baby Aire — Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s second child — turned 1 year old. We’ll have to see if the reality star introduces a theme for her son’s birthday parties, but I think it’s a pretty safe bet we can expect more balloons.  


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Along with even more examples of hyper-specific party-themed swag and clothing.


(Image credit: Kylie Jenner's Instagram Stories)

We’ll hopefully also see more of the family when The Kardashians hits the 2023 TV schedule for Season 3. In the meantime, the first two seasons are available to stream with a Hulu subscription

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