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La Brea Streaming: How To Watch The NBC Series

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By now, you’ve probably heard at least a little bit about the new NBC hit, La Brea. The series, which focuses on a group of modern day people as they fall into a ginormous sinkhole in Los Angeles and then have to survive in 10,000 B.C., became a blockbuster hit for the network immediately upon its debut back at the end of September.  

The show just wrapped its first season with a number of cliffhangers and questions we want answered for Season 2, so, if you’ve been wanting to check out the sci-fi mystery (or are already wanting to revisit all of the action), now is a very good time to get caught up. Luckily, we have a handy guide below that will let you know just where you can watch La Brea streaming, as well as some options for shows like La Brea for you to check out, once your binge is over. Let’s get to it!

Where Is La Brea Available Streaming?

In what is some very good news for those of you who like to have options when it comes to streaming, especially if you’re not someone who subscribes to every streaming service in the known world, La Brea can be found streaming on a few different platforms. First and foremost, the science fiction show is on Peacock, where you can also find a number of other current (and past) popular shows from NBC, like Parks and Recreation, New Amsterdam, and all of Dick Wolf’s One Chicago lineup.

You can also stream La Brea on Hulu right now, and the entire 10-episode season is currently available with your subscription. It doesn’t appear that the show will be leaving the service any time soon, but if you find yourself without a Peacock subscription, and La Brea is removed from Hulu at some point, you do have yet another, very easy, viewing option. The full season is also ready to stream on, completely for free, and you don’t even have to log in with a service provider to watch.

Stream La Brea on Peacock.
Stream La Brea on Hulu.
Stream La Brea on

Will La Brea Be On Netflix?

I know that it seems like everything ends up on Netflix, but ‘tis not the truth, my friends. Unfortunately, La Brea will not be gracing Netflix with its presence at any point in the near future. But, seeing as there are already three streaming options for La Brea Season 1, you shouldn’t have to miss out just because you can’t revisit, oh, I don’t know, Manifest, and then immediately switch over to La Brea on the same streamer.

Other Shows Like La Brea Available Streaming

What’s that you say? You’ve watched all of La Brea twice and now need some shows like La Brea to tide you over until Season 2 arrives? Well, look no further! While there are several series on streaming that focus on people surviving in harsh environments and / or trying to figure out what the hell is going on while trying to get back home, there are three obvious choices for you to watch right now. 

The aforementioned Manifest would have been a network mate with La Brea, had the show not been unceremoniously cancelled by NBC. But! You can watch the first three seasons on Netflix, where the show will be getting Season 4 before too long. Also, even those behind La Brea know that the show is somewhat similar to Lost, as they made sure to name-check the crashed airplane classic in the pilot, so you can’t go wrong there. And, while The 100 is one of the best dystopian TV shows, it hits a lot of the same survival notes as La Brea and should scratch that same itch for a lot of viewers. Happy streaming! 

Stream Manifest on Netflix.
Stream Lost on Hulu.
Stream The 100 on Netflix.

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