Lindsay Lohan On Working With An Acting Coach For The First Time In Her Career For Her Netflix Christmas Movie

Lindsay Lohan smiling in the Falling For Christmas trailer.
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Kids of the early 2000s, like me, probably grew up with Lindsay Lohan’s filmography. From Parent Trap to Mean Girls to Freaky Friday, these were formative films for me and I’m sure lots of other Millennials and old Gen-Zs, and the common denominator of these is Lohan. Now, she’s making her return to acting by teaming up with Netflix for a holiday romantic comedy. After quite a few years away from the business, she is talking about getting back into the groove of acting and hiring an acting coach for the first time. 

Lohan is set to star in Falling For Christmas, which will be released near the end of the  schedule of upcoming movies, just in time for the holiday season. She stars alongside Glee alum Chord Overstreet in the film, and from the trailer, it looks like we’re getting the actress we know and love back on our screens. In a recent interview with THR  she discussed meeting Bernard Hiller, and said they clicked immediately and she hired him to be her acting coach. The actress explained her relationship with him, saying: 

I’ve never worked with any acting coach in my life! I don’t really see Bernard as just a coach. He’s more of an advisor of skill and a mentor. He helps you see what’s not written on the page and bring those aspects of the character to life.

In the interview, the Mean Girls star noted that the “second” she is in hair and makeup she’s in character. However, while she does immerse herself in the scene, she never gets stuck in it once the director yells “cut.” She discussed other acting techniques in the interview, and what she has learned from Hiller, noting that he "changed [her] life." 

Taking time with the dynamics of the story and not being afraid to really slow every moment down in a scene whenever you feel it’s necessary. Sometimes we go too quickly and forget to take my time. It’s nice to try different things and explore all possibilities of the script, not just playing what’s on the page. When I’m playing a character and in a role, it’s important I don’t limit myself to where the character can go emotionally. Also, I’m never afraid to ad-lib.

Just from the first looks at Lohan’s Christmas movie, it looks like she’s in the holiday spirit and having a lot of fun. From the trailer and the fetch photos, Netflix released on Mean Girls day (October 3 for those who don’t know) The Parent Trap actress looks like she is really putting these lessons into action. The movie looks silly and heartfelt, and the actress looks to have fully committed to the role. Personally, I can’t wait to see her back in action, and hearing all the work she put into it makes me even more excited. 

It looks like this won’t be the last we see of Lohan. She has another rom-com lined up with Netflix, called Irish Wish, which has the same director as Falling for Christmas. I love that this early ‘00s icon is back in the biz. Learning about all the behind-the-scenes work shows how much she is working to improve and have fun with the process. To see Lohan back on screen, you can check out Falling for Christmas on November 10 with a Netflix subscription.

Riley Utley
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