Lizzo Accurately Predicted Some Love Is Blind Spoilers, And Also Had Choice Nicknames For Bartise In Viral TikTok

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Love Is Blind Season 3 came to a rousing end last week, and while every Netflix subscriber who watched had loads of questions during the season, as well as a number of strong feelings and deep thoughts about this season’s #PodSquad, we can also count hit-maker Lizzo among our number. The “About Damn Time” singer is no stranger when it comes to taking to social media to share her opinions on a number of topics, and as a fan of the reality dating show, she did the same with LIB, and not only did she accurately predict some spoilers, but the artist also had some choice nicknames for Bartise.

What Love Is Blind Spoilers Did Lizzo Correctly Predict?

LIB never disappoints when it comes to getting and keeping fans talking about all of the heartbreaks, inspiring love stories, devastating arguments, and villainous activities of the cast members during every season. So, it’s no shock that her post went viral when Lizzo decided to take to TikTok with some of her thoughts and predictions about where the Season 3 couples would end up. In her short video, she said:

I think Zanab is gonna say no. Brennon and Alexa are gonna get married, for sure.

Well! Look at Lizzo correctly guessing the outcome for two of the couples! Now, while the possibility of rich girl Alexa and country boy Brennon making it all the way through their I dos did seem incredibly likely from early on (We never even saw them argue!), the same cannot be said about Zanab and her fiancé, Cole. 

Though those two connected in the pods enough for Cole to propose, they were instantly very awkward around one another when it came time for the cast trip to Malibu. And things went from meh to much worse when Cole had a very inappropriate conversation with the other woman he was serious about in the pods, Colleen. 

That led to a number of arguments, but also lots of times where it seemed like they were more or less on the same page, so accurately predicting who was going to say what was difficult, even when we also saw more than one instance of Cole definitely saying things to Zanab that he shouldn’t have. Later, she told him at the altar that he “single-handedly shattered my self-confidence” in one of the biggest moments from the finale and reunion special, so the classically trained flutist is clearly good at reading complex romantic situations.

What Did Lizzo Say About Love Is Blind’s Bartise?

I’m sure many viewers have lots to say about Bartise and how he treated Nancy during (and after) their relationship, and the musician is no different. Even though the man himself came out while the show was airing to call himself out for being romantically messy, the “Good as Hell” songstress let her displeasure with him be shown by refusing to use his actual name and instead referring to him by a number of choice nicknames, including Barista, Bartleby, and my personal favorite, Bartholomule. Sure, she may have just mispronounced Bartholomew in her rush to talk some shit about Bartise, but I prefer to think she knew exactly what she was doing.

Love Is Blind is over for now, and not only can you re-watch all three seasons on Netflix (opens in new tab), but there are also two international versions of the show ready for you, as well. Plus, we know that Seasons 4 and 5 are coming along at some point in the future!

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