Love Is Blind After The Altar: What We Want To See From The Season 2 Special

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It’s hard to believe it, but Love Is Blind Season 2 wrapped up all the way back in March, with the reunion special that caught us up on how the experimental daters were doing after marrying or breaking up by the Season 2 finale. While we know that lots more Love Is Blind is on the way, in late August we found out that we weren’t quite done with Mallory, Iyanna, Kyle, Deepti, and the rest of the cast members from the second season of the drama-filled dating show, as Love Is Blind After the Altar Season 2 will be coming to those with a Netflix subscription very soon!

So soon, in fact, that the After the Altar special will be part of the 2022 TV schedule, as it debuts on the streaming service on September 16. While the trailer for the new installment gave us clues as to what will happen, the big question right now involves what we want to see when Love Is Blind After the Altar Season 2 hits Netflix, and we definitely have some opinions on that!

deepti and shake on love is blind season 2

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Shake Apologizing To Deepti

I like to do my due diligence, and because the Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion was several months ago now, I did flip back through it so I could watch all of the conversation that focused on Deepti and are-you-thin-enough-for-me-to-lift-you Shake. I already remembered quite well that he both attempted to embrace his villain status and blame it on how his actions were edited, but couldn’t remember if he actually apologized to Deep. And, you know what? Shake never actually said the “a” word to Deepti for going behind her back numerous times and telling people that he was unattracted to her to the point that it was like being with a family member.

We don’t get any new shots of Shake in the trailer, but I would love to see enough of him to watch him gather all of whatever human decency he actually possesses to emphatically apologize to Deep. After what he did, she deserves more than the “I could have handled that differently. I agree,” that he gave her at the reunion. 

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Deepti And Kyle’s Relationship Growing

During the reunion, Kyle admitted that he regretted not proposing to Deepti (as opposed to the other clear Season 2 villain, Shaina) when everyone was still in the pods. And, we’ve definitely seen evidence that both have some kind of feelings for each other, as they’ve continued to hang out quite publicly since filming for the main part of the show ended. We absolutely get teases in the trailer that things may have heated up for Kyle and Deep off-screen, and even if they don’t (or didn’t) end up becoming a couple, I can’t wait to watch their relationship grow.

danielle and nick on love is blind season 2

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What Happened Between Nick And Danielle, And Iyanna And Jarrette

Well, this is a big one, right? Just a few days before the trailer for Love Is Blind After the Altar Season 2 dropped, Iyanna and Jarrette shared a joint message on Instagram to tell fans that they had split up and were planning to divorce. Then, just a day before we got that trailer, news came down that the only other couple to marry from Season 2, Danielle and Nick, were also in the midst of a breakup, with Danielle reportedly filing for divorce.

Now, neither of these splits were super shocking to those who watched all of Love Is Blind Season 2. Nick and Danielle got into a number of disagreements that quickly turned into wild arguments throughout the episodes, while Jarrette was shown to still have feelings for Mallory after she turned down his proposal, and Iyanna was clearly his second choice (not to mention the problems with how different their lifestyles were). But, both couples seemed to be working on their issues seriously by the time of the reunion. This means that we haven’t specifically seen what the breaking point was for either union, and it would be intriguing to see where their talks broke down to the point that each couple had to call it quits.

natalie, shayne, and shaina on love is blind season 2

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Why Natalie Is Still Mixed Up With Shayne And Shaina

Pfffttthhhh…THIS MESS. Shayne very clearly had the hots for Shaina in the pods, while also being interested in Natalie. Even though Shaina is the one who broke things off with him to be with Kyle, she regretted her decision big time once she got a look at Shayne. And, while he and Natalie nearly married, a giant fight they had the night before their wedding day prompted Natalie to change her mind, leading to an awkward moment with Shayne during the reunion, when he was questioned about whether or not he’d been in contact with Shaina after Natalie broke things off.

Natalie made it sound like she was unable to forgive Shayne for what he said to her during that fight, despite their efforts to reconcile, so it had seemed like their romance was a done deal. But, from what we saw in the After the Altar trailer, it looks like Natalie is still mixed up in the Shayne/Shaina drama, and really? I NEED to know why. I hope the special tells us everything we want to know!

mallory and sal on love is blind season 2

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Sal Happily Moving On After Mallory

Of course, Mallory found herself being proposed to by both Sal and Jarrette in the pods, but she turned the latter down in favor of Sal. However, when she saw Sal in person, she started to doubt her decision, but continued to try to make it work with him. Then, Sal watched as Mallory and Jarrette had a long, flirty conversation while everyone was in Mexico, and the cracks in their relationship really started to show.

The couple got as far as the altar, but Sal ultimately decided not to marry Mallory, and neither wanted to try again after filming. Sal did seem really hurt by Mallory’s continued connection to Jarrette, so it’ll be really nice to see him happily moving on and dating someone else, as was alluded to in the After the Altar trailer. 

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A Sneak Peek At Love Is Blind Season 3

As mentioned at the top of this article, Love Is Blind landed a big renewal, with Seasons 3 through 5 set to arrive on Netflix at some point. But, we also know that Love Is Blind Season 3 was done filming in March of this year, and that it will debut later this year as part of the 2022 Netflix TV schedule. All of this makes me want one thing… that we get to watch a sneak peek at the third season during After the Altar! This would be akin to us getting a tease of The Ultimatum at the end of the Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion, so if the producers can do that, showing off Season 3 of this popular dating experiment shouldn’t be an issue!

I’m not sure how much (if any) of all of these things we’ll actually see when Love Is Blind After the Altar Season 2 hits Netflix, but you can bet I’ll be there on premiere day to find out!

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