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Love Is Blind's Deepti Talks Relationship With Kyle In The Pods, Reveals Where They Are After His Big Reunion Confession

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Even with all of our Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion predictions, we never could have guessed that we’d find out that there was another potential romance that had been going strong in the pods…until it wasn’t. It was a little over halfway through the reunion, though, that Kyle Abrams revealed that he and Deepti Vempati had a connection strong enough that he was now regretting not proposing to her. Now, Deep has opened up about her relationship with Kyle in the pods, and where they stand now after his reunion confession.

What Does Deepti Have To Say About Her Love Is Blind Relationship With Kyle?

Look, I don’t think that anyone who’s watched just one episode of a reality show before jumping into Love Is Blind would think that the series was able to show us everything that went on in the pods, even between everyone they ended up following for most (or all) of Season 2. But, it was still a shock to many fans when Kyle became one of the reunion’s biggest moments by speaking up about wishing he’d fought for Deepti and actually proposed to her. 

In a chat with Netflix’s We Have The Receipts (opens in new tab) podcast, Deep was asked to talk about what went on between her and Kyle in the pods, and responded:

It's funny, they don't show any of this, but actually Kyle was my number two person in the pods, and I was really struggling between [him and Shake]. I could envision this life with Shake; I could kind of see the future there. With Kyle, it would just be so spontaneous, adventurous, and fun, but I didn't know exactly where it would go, and so I kind of picked the stable route, I guess...He told me, 'You're so into Shake, so the only way I'd ever marry you is if you ask me.'

I know! As Deep said, we never saw any indication that she and Kyle had such a rapport with each other while everyone was still pod dating on this season. In fact, I don’t think we saw them together at all (which makes sense, considering the fact that two whole engaged couples were cut from the action), and really helped to amp up the surprise factor when Kyle spoke up about Deepti at the reunion.

I’m sure that some of you might think it would be odd for Kyle to even suggest that a condition of marriage for him would have been Deep popping the question to him, but it sounds like they were very honest with one another while they chatted on the show. Deep says she knew that Kyle was interested in Shaina and one other woman, and Kyle knew that Deep was very into the villainous Shake, and that Shake had also been expressing his interest in Deep (which may explain some of the post-reunion drama between the two men). 

So, it seems that they both wanted some assurance that the other was really into them in a romantic way that could last, and proposing tends to be a pretty solid way for that to happen. Though, as we’ve seen, that is not always the case on Love Is Blind.

What Does Deepti Have To Say About Her Post-Love Is Blind Relationship With Kyle?

Deepti was also, of course, asked about where things stand now with her and Kyle, after his big reunion confession, and she said:

I mean, Kyle and I hang out all the time, even before the reunion. He's, like, my best friend. So, I don't know. We'll see. We'll see where it goes.

As the hosts noted, sometimes starting out as good, long-term friends is the way to go when it comes to finally making a love connection, so Deepti and Kyle could still get their Love Is Blind happy ending. Both seasons of Love Is Blind are currently on Netflix, but for more on the small screen, you can watch other dramatic dating shows on Netflix, look into the 2022 TV premiere dates, and see what else is coming with the 2022 Netflix TV schedule

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