Netflix ‘Sparking Joy’ By Renewing Love Is Blind Along With Other Popular Reality Shows

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The past few weeks (or, months, depending on your location) have been trying ones for many of us. What we really need right now is to know that some sort of hope lies ahead on the horizon, even if it comes in the form of something relatively small during this age of Very Big Problems. Well, Netflix has decided to help us out by guaranteeing that we'll have more of the reality show goodness we love in the future by giving us more seasons of Love Is Blind and several other shows.

Netflix has been killing it lately with its reality shows that bring the drama and, well, the messiness we all want in our real life stories. So, the streamer has confirmed that it will give us more of Love Is Blind, The Circle and Rhythm + Flow, as well as a new show from petite organizational maven Marie Kondo with Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo. All shows are currently set to debut or premiere their new seasons sometimes in 2021.

So, just how much can we expect to see of these shows? Well, Rhythm + Flow was granted one new season by Netflix, taking it into Season 2. Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and Tip “T.I.” Harris will return to judge the performers and try to put their fingers on hip-hop's next star. The trio will, again, be joined by other music industry luminaries in their multi-city search to find raw talent that deserves to break away from the pack of undiscovered artists, and I have no doubt that we'll get to see some amazing performances, just like in Season 1.

Netflix had a major success on its hands almost immediately when Love Is Blind debuted right before Valentine's Day this year. And, the show, which puts singles in dating "pods" so they can get to know one another without ever seeing the other person, earned all of its pop culture prominence by giving us lots of drama, dreams and broken promises. Hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey will once again guide our love hopefuls through the process of seeing if love truly can be blind when they enter this dating experiment.

Now, here's the awesome news. We're going to be getting two more seasons of Love Is Blind, you guys! That's right, the folks behind Netflix loved how the result resonated with people so much that they've renewed the show for Seasons 2 and 3, with the next season already in the casting process.

You know what else is now, officially, getting Seasons 2 and 3 from Netflix? You got it, friends: The Circle! This combo of Catfish, Big Brother and The Real World also kept viewers locked in when they first saw it, and the social experiment (which has contestants use social media and messenger-style chats to obtain the most popularity among each other) will now feature new challenges, twists and strategies for every player vying for that $100,000 prize. Host Michelle Buteau will return to guide us through the madness.

Last, but not least, we have the return of Marie Kondo in Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo. While her first series saw the tidying powerhouse visit families and get them to each clean up their homes, this new show will see Kondo and her team (I hope they call themselves the Joy Luck Club, but that's probably wishful thinking) actually attempt to tidy one entire small town in America. Yes. A WHOLE TOWN. We don't know right now if this just means the private residences or if it also includes the messy business locations, but, either way, this sounds like a major task the I can't wait to watch unfold.

Here's what Netflix had to say about the renewals:

It's been incredible to see Netflix members everywhere respond to the raw, authentic stories of real people and real stakes. We pride ourselves on creating a favorite show for any taste, and we're thrilled fans embraced all of these series with such enthusiasm and shared passion. We look forward to sparking more joy for our members.

Spark joy, they will! Hopefully, all of these shows can record on whatever schedule Netflix has set for them, because I think we will really need these shows in 2021. As you can imagine, premiere dates aren't set right now, and we're not sure how many episodes each series / season will get, but expecting them to have seasons of the same length as before is probably a good bet.

As always, you can stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more on Netflix's Rhythm + Flow, Love Is Blind, The Circle and Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo. To see what else you can watch right now, check out our 2020 midseason guide, and to see what's been delayed so far, we've got you covered there, too.

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