My Policeman: What To Know Before You See The LGBTQ+ Harry Styles Movie

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Harry Styles has been a celebrity for years now, growing up in front of our eyes during his tenure in One Direction. He’s since branched out as a wildly successful recording artist, while also venturing into the world of acting. And while there’s been a ton of chatter about his roles in Don’t Worry Darling and the Eternals credits scene, his most vulnerable role yet is as the title character of Michael Grandage’s My Policeman. And with the movie fast approaching its release on streaming, here’s what to know before you see the LGBTQ+ Styles-led movie.

My Policeman is a drama that had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, with Harry Styles himself appearing and doing press. While it’s been in limited theaters since October 21st, more eyes will be able to see it when it's available for Amazon Prime subscribers on November 4th. Although there might be a few questions about its contents for those wondering whether or not to stream. Don’t worry (darling), we’ve got you covered. 

What My Policeman About?

My Policeman is largely set in 1950’s Brighton, England. In it we follow Harry Styles’ constable Tom Burgess, who is a man struggling to deal with his sexuality in a time where queerness was literally against the law. We follow a love triangle between his wife Marion and his lover Patrick, who is a museum curator and their friend. The three form their own family unit, as these interpersonal struggles play out to emotional results. It’s a heartfelt drama that is sure to tug on one’s heart strings.

My Policeman’s Story Is Told With Two Timelines

While Harry Styles’ Tom is all over the posts and marketing for My Policeman, he’s actually not the only person embodying this character (although he’s gotten praise for his performance). Namely because the drama is a story told across two timelines, and as such he’s not in half of the movie’s sequences. Instead it’s much more of an ensemble project, with a pair of actors embodying each of the three leading characters.

While we watch as the love triangle of My Policeman plays out in the 1950’s, we also follow those same three characters decades later in the 1990’s. Throughout the film’s runtime, we learn how their relationships ended up, and the consequences of their various decisions. 

Harry Styles Has Numerous Gay Sex Scenes, And My Policeman Is Rated R For Sexual Content

Because Harry Styles’ character is at the center of My Policeman’s love triangle, he’s got major sequences with both of his co-stars, including a ton of love scenes. The gay sex scenes that Styles and co-star David Dawson are both explicit and powerful, and move the story forward rather than being simply a cheap plot device. Still, it’s quite clear why the movie is Rated R. And considering how much discourse was around his love scenes for Don’t Worry Darling, smart money says this movie is going to turn heads.

How Long Is My Policeman?

My Policeman has a 113-minute runtime, and moves fairly quickly. The pacing is buoyed by the duel timelines, with both sets of actors giving intriguing performances. Although the speedy tempo doesn’t mean that the new Harry Styles flick is a light movie. The story is emotionally grueling at times, so you might want to keep a box of tissues handy.

My Policeman’s Cast Has Some Familiar Faces

Obviously a great big discussion around My Policeman has been Harry Styles’ role as the title character. But the cast has more familiar faces involved that’ll pique the interest of cinephiles out there. Styles’ main co-stars as The Crown’s Emma Corrin as Marion and David Dawson as his lover Patrick.

Then there’s the adult cast, who all kill it during their performances. My Best Friend's Wedding’s Rupert Everett plays the adult version of David, giving a truly painful performance. Homeland’s Linus Roch plays an adult version of Harry Styles’ Tom. Finally, BAFTA winning actress Gina McKee (Phantom Thread) plays the adult Marion. 

As previously mentioned, My Policeman arrives on Amazon November 4th. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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