Ryan Reynolds Visits Antiques Roadshow For Hilarious Red Notice Tie-In Video

Ryan Reynolds is shown in Red Notice trailer.
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Netflix’s Red Notice arrived on the streaming service over the weekend, and it’s standard operating procedure when a new movie comes out for its stars to do the rounds on talk shows and appear in other places as part of the promotion so that people know the movie is out there. What’s interesting, however, is that Ryan Reynolds was apparently booked in an episode of Antiques Roadshow to promote Red Notice.

Ok, that’s not exactly what happened here. This is technically, an in-universe appearance for Ryan Reynolds’ character in Red Notice, who is apparently looking to sell off one of the movie’s valuable golden eggs. Good news, it’s apparently worth a lot of money as long as Reynolds’ Nolan Booth doesn’t get arrested for having it. It's sort of a well known item and it's difficult to sell something that's known as stolen property. One minor warning, this video actually contains something of a spoiler so if you haven’t seen Red Notice you may want to come back and check this out when you have. 

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It’s a pretty great video that uses actual members of the Antiques Roadshow to promote Red Notice, the same video actually went out on the official Twitter feed for the PBS series, so this is an official crossover. 

Red Notice sees Ryan Reynolds’ art thief Booth join forces with FBI agent John Hartley, played by Dwayne Johnson. While the two are very much on opposing sides, they find themselves with similar interests, and then go on a hunt for these valuable golden eggs in order to stop another thief, played by Gal Gadot, from getting them.

Johnson’s character gets a brief shout out in the video as a “muscular, handsome, talented, man.” Booth doesn’t seem too interested in hearing about that and starts to fall asleep at the table. 

Fans who watched Red Notice during its brief theatrical run, or during its first weekend on Netflix will likely enjoy this video as an extra bit of fun. Anybody who hasn't seen Red Notice yet, and enjoyed watching this, will probably want to check out the new movie, because this is very much the sort of humor that we get throughout the film.

Red Notice is one of the biggest movies we’ve seen on Netflix. The three stars alone have led numerous theatrical blockbusters between them. Seeing them come together, and on Netflix, is a big deal. And based on the early response, the movie has already been seen by a lot more people than usually check out Netflix movies on opening weekend. If Red Notice were the sort of movie that might strongly setup the possibility for sequels, then it would seem like getting them is a strong possibility.  

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