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Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn Speaks Out After 'Horrifying' Home Invasion Attempt

screenshot of Christine Quinn on Selling Sunset
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Since the premiere of Netflix’s Selling Sunset in 2019, Christine Quinn has garnered a bit of a reputation for being both villainous and occasionally over-the-top. So much so that she’s alienated herself from other cast members and viewers actually questioned at one point if she had faked her pregnancy for the show. But now, the reality TV star is making headlines for a very different reason, as she unfortunately became the target of home invasion attempt. Now, Quinn has spoken out after the “horrifying” would-be crime.

The 33-year-old revealed the incident on her Instagram stories (via Fox News Digital). Apparently, late Friday night, Christine Quinn and her husband, Christian ,woke up to noises getting “louder and louder.” When they checked their security footage, they discovered two armed robbers attempting to break through the window into the master bedroom. The couple decided to lock themselves in with their 10-month-old son in the next room while they waited for the police.

The alleged culprits never managed to get into the home. However, the situation has still had an emotional impact on the Selling Sunset alum. Reflecting on what happened, she said:

This was the most horrifying moment of my life when we're laying in bed and there are two armed men were watching on cameras literally four feet from me and my baby's sleeping very close to us … I want people to know to take this very seriously. This stuff does happen in LA. It's happening all the time and I don't know what would have happened if they would have been able to get through that glass because they would have reached our bedroom, and they would have probably shot us. So, I want you guys to know be really safe out there.

Christine Quinn shared that the reason the home invasion attempt failed was due to their good security system and how “strong” their windows are. She said they are in fact double and triple paned, which made it difficult for the robbers to penetrate the home. They ultimately “decided to leave” on their own accord before the cops arrived. Nevertheless, the Netflix star posted screenshots of the supposed criminals on her social media to see if her 2.7 million followers might recognize them.

This marks the second home invasion of a notable reality star in recent months. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Dorit Kemsley faced a similar ordeal back in October but, unfortunately, the alleged perpetrators made it into her Encino home. They threatened her life and made off with several expensive accessories and jewelry. Kemsley and her two kids (who were thankfully asleep at the time) were unharmed. Season 12 of her Bravo show will evidently address the reported incident in detail.

A rep for Christine Quinn’s family told Fox News that they are likewise “safe but shaken.” Further details on the matter may be made available at some point moving forward.

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