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After Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn Is Accused Of Faking Her Pregnancy, Co-Star Davina Potratz Clapped Back At The Trolls

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Christine Quinn has been accused of many things during her time on Selling Sunset. She's been called the “villain” of the show. She's been called a liar. But fans insinuating that the real estate agent faked her first pregnancy in Season 4 takes the cake. Quinn's friend and co-star, Davina Potratz, has since come to her defense and clapped back at all the trolls who breathed life into the speculation.

Netflix viewers first started believing that Christine Quinn's pregnancy could have been faked after a yoga scene that seemed to show her both with and without a pregnant belly. They also would note the reality star’s skinny frame as further "evidence." But while on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Davina Potratz claimed that the people behind the rumors don't understand the realities of reality TV and how filming and editing timelines sometimes disconnect. The Selling Sunset alum continued:

Christine was absolutely pregnant. I saw her belly. She called me from the hospital the day she gave birth. I saw her C-section scar, with all her wounds and everything. We were on FaceTime. She absolutely was pregnant and gave birth to her son. She’s very lean, and she is blessed to have a slender body and some people just bounce back right quickly. I mean, why should someone hate her because [of] that? That's not fair. It's really hurtful, you know, when someone says she didn't give birth, like she was really hurt about that. And [even with] all the crazy stuff she’s done and said, and whatever, to all of us, that part is true: she really did give birth to her son. And that’s fucked up... Imagine you gave birth and you had a horrible birth, and then they were like ‘Oh no, you didn’t.’

The mother of now-1-year-old son Christian has defended herself, too. Christine Quinn in fact blamed Netflix entirely for how her edit makes her appear to viewers. Likewise, her co-star said their Selling Sunset show is “loosely edited” to be “entertaining” to fans. Surprisingly, though, their colleague, Chrishell Stause, thinks her “annoying” edit is fairly accurate.

Still, Davina Potratz and her frequently villainized co-star had a bit of a spat on the series' recently released fourth season. Specifically, Christine Quinn had claimed Potratz knew about her supposed engagement to an ex (who just so happened to be an ex of newcomer Emma Hernan). Potratz, however, denied knowing her at the time in question, which seemed to upset Quinn. Potratz added on the podcast:

I can't lie about something that I don't know about, but I will defend something that I do know about. And she really was pregnant and she really did give birth to her child. Regardless of people supporting her or not supporting her, that part of it is true…Please use a little common sense…It’s so stupid.

Fake pregnancy rumors aside, Christine Quinn and Davina Potratz’s co-stars have some actual pregnancy news – or, at least, updates on their efforts. Chrishell Stause broke things off with their boss Jason Oppenheim for reasons related to wanting to start a family of her own. Heather Rae Young, too, is documenting her fertility journey with now-husband Tarek El Moussa on social media, with the latest post stating that things were “not ideal.”

So there might just be more pregnant belly confusion in future scenes of Selling Sunset if things work out for its castmates. Davina Potratz has definitely debunked the Christine Quinn fake pregnancy gossip, but what isn't as certain is new suggestions that Quinn won't return after Season 5, given her poor standing with most of her co-stars. We'll just have to wait and see how things pan out on that front.

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