Sharper: Where You've Seen The Cast Before

The cast of Sharper.
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Apple TV+ has put out some awesome movies over the last few years, ever since the service's launch. From the Academy-Award winning CODA, to some of the latest films like Causeway, the streamer has been knocking it out of the park with some of its original films. And now Sharper has made its way to the scene. 

Sharper tells the story of a young man who wants to seek revenge on his family after they don’t accept who he is, and he uses his skills in order to achieve all his desires from the rich. The Sharper cast is filled to the brim with stars, so here is where you might have seen them before their appearances in the movie. 

Julianne Moore in Sharper.

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Julianne Moore (Madeline)

First up on the list is Julianne Moore, who portrays Madeline in Sharper. If you haven’t heard of Moore, I’m pretty sure you’ve been living under a rock for your whole life, because she has been in many, many movies over her career that you might have seen her in. 

Her television appearances haven't been as frequent as her film work has,  as while she did get her start on the soap opera, As the World Turns, she’s mainly stuck to guest roles and miniseries parts in properties such as 30 Rock, Lisey’s Story, Mary and George, and many more. 

I personally know Moore from both The Hunger Games franchise, where she played one of the villains, as well as her Academy-Award winning role in Still Alice. But she’s been in so many other movies that you might recognize her from, including Don Jon, Far From Heaven, Boogie Nights, The Big Lebowski, Maggie’s Plan, The Fugitive, the Liam Neeson-led film, Non-Stop, Magnolia, the hilarious romantic comedy, Crazy Stupid Love, and so many more. 

She’s truly become one of our biggest stars – and Sharper is only going to add to her already impressive resume. 

Sebastian Stan in Sharper.

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Sebastian Stan (Max)

Next up is Sebastian Stan, another one of the main stars, and he plays Max. If we’re being honest, I’ve known of Stan for a long time (like millions of others), mainly because I’ve followed him since his time in Captain America: The First Avenger, where he first played Bucky Barnes, leading to his work in several Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Most recently, he reprised the role in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier cast, and is set to return for the Thunderbolts movie.

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However, Stan has done plenty of other great movies during his time in Hollywood, starting off with a lot of smaller movies and moving into bigger ones that won him a lot of praise. Some of his biggest roles have been in The Martian, Logan Lucky, I, Tonya (alongside Margot Robbie), We Have Always Lived in the Castle, The Last Full Measure, The Devil All The Time, the Darron Aronofsky feature, Black Swan, and in 2022, he was featured in the horror movie, Fresh.

Stan has also had plenty of work in television, as well. Older fans such as myself might recognize him from one of his earliest roles as a recurring character on the CW show, Gossip Girl, but he’s been in many others, such as Pam and Tommy, which saw him be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award, Political Animals, Kings, and the fantasy show, Once Upon a Time

Justice Smith in Sharper.

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Justice Smith (Tom)

Justice Smith is who we’re talking about next, and he plays Tom. While Smith is certainly the youngest on this list, he’s done plenty in his career so far. I actually knew about him from the severely underrated show, The Get Down, on Netflix, but he’s also been in the HBO Max original, Generation.

Smith has appeared in a variety of films, including the sexy Amazon Prime movie, The Voyeurs, Paper Towns, and both Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and its sequel, Jurassic World: Dominion. The actor also had a starring role in one of my favorite video game adaptations, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, and is set to have a starring role in the upcoming 2023 film, Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Amongst Thieves. Truly, someone so young who is making a name for himself.  

Briana Middleton in Sharper.

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Briana Middleton (Sandra)

Next up on the list is Briana Middleton, who portrays Sandra in Sharper. Middleton is relatively new to Hollywood, as she hasn’t had the chance to appear in any television series just yet. But she has appeared in movies such as The Tender Bar, and Augustus. 

Hopefully, after her role in Sharper, you’ll be seeing a lot more of her soon enough. 

Darren Goldstein in The Affair.

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Darren Goldstein (Pat)

Darren Goldstein portrays Pat in Shaper, and the actor has appeared in a variety of movies in very small roles, including Almost Christmas, The Girl on the Train, Win Win, Five Days Gone, and Detroit. He was also a part of the TV film, Paterno. 

Goldstein has been successful elsewhere, with work in television as well, appearing in many recurring roles on shows such as the hype-deserving Ozark, Ryan Murphy-created American Crime Story, The Affair, and Under the Banner of Heaven, along with several other guest roles. And, I’m sure we’ll only get to see more of him. 

John Lithgow in Sharper.

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John Lithgow (Richard)

Last but not least, we have John Lithgow, who is arguably one of the biggest names on this list and has been in Hollywood for a long time. He portrays Richard in Sharper, and has had a very successful career in both TV and film, so let’s start off with his television work. 

Besides his excellent guest roles on many TV shows, he had a major role during Season 4 of Dexter as a villain, was a part of the main cast of 3rd Rock From the Sun, and has had parts in shows such as The Crown, Trial and Error, Twenty Good Years, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, and The Old Man. 

On the big screen, Lithgow has been seen for a very long time, so it might be hard to name everything you might know him from. Some of his most known films are the dance movie, All that Jazz, Obsession, The Big Fix, Rich Kids, Blow Out, The World According to Garp, Terms of Endearment, The Manhattan Project, The Pelican Brief, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Dreamgirls, Kinsey, and so many others. Truly, an actor for all time. 

With such a stellar yet small cast, Sharper is most certainly a great way to see everyone at their best, and hopefully, you've found new movies or shows where you can enjoy watching each of the actors.  

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