Sebastian Stan: What To Watch If You Like The Marvel Actor

Sebastian Stan as Bucky in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier.
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Sebastian Stan is a name that should sound very familiar these days. From starting his career with smaller TV roles to becoming a big name in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Stan has made a name for himself in Hollywood with his diverse portfolio of amazing portrayals, from a man with a metal arm and heaps of trauma to psychopaths and rock stars. 

If you’re looking for some Sebastian Stan movies and TV shows that you can watch right now, check out these picks down below. 

Sebastian Stan in The Martian.

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The Martian (Amazon Rental)

In this Academy Award-nominated film, The Martian follows the story of a man stranded on Mars when his team thinks that he is dead after a harsh storm on the new planet. Now, alone and with barely any way to survive, he has to rely on his smarts, talents, and everything else to survive until a rescue can occur. 

Sebastian Stan portrayed Dr. Chris Beck in The Martian, the flight surgeon for this mission, and he (alongside everyone else in this crazy ensemble of stars) shines. Everyone does so well here, including Stan, creating the ultimate space drama. 

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Sebastian Stan in Logan Lucky.

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Logan Lucky (Hulu)

In Logan Lucky, a family decides to pursue a heist and steal money from the Charlotte Motor Speedway during a NASCAR race, all while trying to avoid getting caught by security officers, people who work for the government, and others. 

While Sebastian Stan’s role as Dayton White wasn’t a huge part of the film, he stole every scene he was in. It’s because of his character that the Logans are even able to escape with the money in the first place, and his lines are delivered perfectly. Watching Stan in this comedy just makes me want to see him in many more. 

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Sebastian Stan in The Bronze.

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The Bronze (Hulu)

Oh, The Bronze is a fun one for Sebastian Stan fans. The Bronze, a sports comedy, follows a former gymnastic Olympic bronze medalist who takes it upon herself to train an up and comer, so she can get herself back in the spotlight. 

Sebastian Stan plays Lance Tucker, the Team USA coach in The Bronze, and let me say that this movie was genuinely so silly in so many ways and Sebastian Stan was one of the best ways. His character is a riot and so funny, and there’s one scene featuring him and Hope (the main character) that will have you laughing your ass off. I swear to you on my life. While I do think you need to be into sports at least a little to really enjoy the film, it’s still such a fun time. 

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Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee on Pam & Tommy.

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Pam & Tommy (Hulu)

At this point, I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard of Pam & Tommy on Hulu. This miniseries tells the story of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, their whirlwind romance, and the private sex tape that was stolen from their home and leaked online that changed their lives forever. 

While everyone in the Pam & Tommy cast is phenomenal, there’s nothing quite like Sebastian Stan as Mötley Crüe drummer, Tommy Lee. It’s hard to remember that this is literally the same man who plays Bucky Barnes for Marvel, but he puts on a performance that stands out amongst the rest, and the story is entertaining from beginning to end, and makes me want to watch the Pamela Anderson documentary coming to Netflix even more. 

Stream Pam & Tommy on Hulu.

Sebastian Stan in I, Tonya.

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I, Tonya (Hulu)

In this Academy Award-nominated film, I, Tonya tells the story of famous Olympic ice skater, Tonya Harding, and her fall from grace when she gets caught up in a crime that connects her to an attack on her rival, Nancy Kerrigan. 

It is criminal that Sebastian Stan was not nominated for an Oscar for his performance in I, Tonya. While I am also partial to Margot Robbie and her killer ice-skating skills in this, Sebastian Stan as Jeff Gillooly (who was Harding’s husband) was so well-done and should have received all the awards. Truly, one of his best performances so far in his career. I could re-watch it over and over again. 

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Sebastian Stan in The Devil All The Time.

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The Devil All The Time (Netflix)

Based on the book of the same name, The Devil All the Time is a Netflix original that follows a young man who is hell-bent on protecting anyone that he loves when his hometown becomes corrupted with people who are selfish and will do anything in order to succeed. 

Sebastian Stan plays Lee Bodecker, a sheriff who, like the main character, Arvin, is very protective of his sister but has a corrupt side as well. Stan isn’t in the film for very long (since there are so many amazing actors in The Devil All The Time cast), his scenes are great. I especially love the moment between him and Tom Holland (Arvin) near the very end, which really caps off the movie beautifully, but I can’t reveal exactly what. I think you should just watch it regardless. 

Stream The Devil All the Time on Netflix.

Sebastian Stan hovering with a charming smile in Fresh.

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Fresh (Hulu)

Ever wonder how a romantic comedy can turn twisted in a half hour? Take a look at Fresh, a Hulu original film that follows the story of Noa and Steve, two seemingly normal people in a relationship that takes a dark turn when they go away for a weekend to spend some time together. 

I’m going to be honest in saying that Sebastian Stan as Steve absolutely terrified me in this film. I don’t know what it is - I’m so used to him playing “good guy Bucky Barnes” for Marvel that the idea of him as this charmingly unbalanced person really unnerved me - which is why it’s such a good performance of his. He pulls it off so well, from the beginning to the end of the film. 

Stream Fresh on Hulu.

Sebastian Stan in Ricki and the Flash.

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Ricki And The Flash (Pluto TV)

Ricki and the Flash stars mega-star Meryl Streep as the titular Ricki, who left her family years ago to become a rockstar, even though it never worked out for her. However, she returns years later in order to make amends when her daughter is going through a hard time. 

If the idea of Meryl Streep rocking out on a guitar isn’t enough for you to want to watch this film, Sebastian Stan as Joshua Brummel should be enough. While it’s not a role that immediately stands out amongst many on this list, his role in Ricki and the Flash feels sweeter and tamer than many of the others, showing what it’s like to have a family that’s distant and how amends must be made over time and not instantly. The whole cast worked wonderfully together. 

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Sebastian Stan in We Have Always Lived In The Castle.

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We Have Always Lived In The Castle (Netflix)

As someone who really enjoyed the mystery novel this was based on, We Have Always Lived In The Castle was a great adaptation. This film follows a family that lives in isolation after a tragedy struck them six years ago, but when a cousin of theirs arrives with sinister hidden intentions, it’s up to the family to stop him. 

Sebastian Stan was excellent in his role as Charles Blackwood. He perfectly portrayed his charm mixed in with evil intent, and so much more into one, creating a a great horror movie villain. We Have Always Lived In The Castle is certainly a great Netflix horror movie that’s perfect for Halloween, but you can watch it any time of the year for Stan’s awesome performance in it. 

Stream We Have Always Lived In The Castle on Netflix.
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Sebastian Stan in The Last Full Measure.

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The Last Full Measure (Amazon Rental)

In this army film based on the very true story of William H. Pitsenbarger, The Last Full Measure follows William during his time in Vietnam saving 60 men as a Pararescuman, and later on, the struggles of Pentagon staffers to try and get him awarded the Medal of Honor thirty-two years after he sacrificed his life. 

Sebastian Stan actually stars in this film as Scott Huffman, who was loosely based on William Parker Hayes Jr., one of the people who was tasked with getting Pitsenbarger  the Medal of Honor years later. And, honestly, watching this film again makes me realize how great of a lead actor Stan really is, because he portrays the role so well and elevates this war movie alongside the rest of the brilliant cast. 

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Sebastian Stan in Gossip Girl.

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Gossip Girl (HBO Max)

Before he ended up becoming huge in Marvel and other areas of his career, Sebastian Stan was on the legendary CW show, Gossip Girl. This dramedy followed the lives of the elite on the Upper East Side of New York, and the scandals both teenagers and adults got themselves into on a daily basis. 

While Stan’s character, Carter Baizen, only appeared for eleven episodes out of the whole series, every single time he was on the screen he was awesome and conniving, and a fantastic character overall. As one of his earlier roles, Stan makes Carter one of the most memorable recurring characters even years later, which says a lot about his acting skills. 

Stream Gossip Girl on HBO Max.

Sebastian Stan in Endgame

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His Role As Bucky Barnes In Marvel (Disney+)

It’s why you’re here - heck, it’s how I know about him. Sebastian Stan took on the role of Bucky Barnes in Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve Rogers childhood best friend, who later is captured by HYDRA and ends up becoming the Winter Soldier. Now, years later, he’s appeared in several MCU films and even his own television show.

I have full faith that even without Marvel, Sebastian Stan would have brought us many amazing roles, because he’s a truly talented actor. But, you can’t deny that playing Bucky Barnes probably helped a lot. From the moment he stepped on the screen, to appearing as a part of The Falcon and Winter Soldier cast, this man embodied the role of Bucky Barnes, displaying that full spectrum of badassery, trauma, charisma, and so much more. I truly cannot imagine anyone else playing this role, and I can’t wait to see him again, hopefully in the upcoming Captain America 4 alongside Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson - let the bromance continue, please!

Stream his Marvel movies and TV shows on Disney+.

With so many movies and shows already, I’m sure Stan is only going to become even bigger over time, and hopefully it won’t be long before we see him in another great movie or TV role.  

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