The Bob’s Burgers Movie Landed A Streaming Debut On Multiple Platforms, And Fans Are Pumped

Tina, Darryl, Regular-Sized Rudy, Gene, and Louise stand around outside of school in The Bob's Burgers Movie.
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After patiently waiting through delays and rescheduling, fans who wanted to see The Bob’s Burgers Movie unveiled in theaters got their wish on Memorial Day weekend. Whether you were one of the folks who saw the Belcher family’s grand adventure on the big screen or have been waiting patiently for your Hulu subscription to give you access, it was indeed a time to celebrate. Now, with the cinematic follow-up to the hit Fox show hitting multiple streaming platforms, fans are pumped yet again to see this latest Bob’s Burgers making news!

The news had previously broken that The Bob’s Burgers Movie was not only a part of Hulu’s July 2022 schedule, but the film was also going to be made available on HBO Max. So leave it to cast members like John Roberts, the voice of Linda Belcher, to kick off the festivities with a tweet that feels straight out of the series:

Bob’s Burgers Movie is out now on Hulu and HBO Max! Enjoy it from the comfort of your own home farts!

Enjoyment seems to be the wave carrying this movie from its modest theatrical performance into a streaming home that’s always felt primed to share the love. Our own Eric Eisenberg’s review of The Bob's Burgers Movie highlighted how “it succeeds by not trying to do too much,” which is absolutely true as the flick takes the concept of a feature-length episode to its fullest potential. 

That means that fans of the Fox animated comedy were bound to lose sleep, but in the best way possible. User “SusanYura” was one such devotee that stayed up for a late night serving of Bob’s Burgers goodness. Their verdict?

Stayed up late to watch The Bob's Burgers Movie. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!

Fans from all walks are hyping the streaming release of The Bob’s Burgers Movie. Which leads us to Film School Rejects’ Neil Miller tweeting out a positive message for any one who’s in the need of some animated comfort food: 

The Bob’s Burgers movie is on Hulu and HBO Max today. I promise that if you’re having a rough day, watching it will make you feel better.

Tweeter “JamesABarcomb” helps us dive into some of the more vocal reactions to The Bob’s Burgers Movie, and for a good cause at that. If you’re a 2D animation fan, then the next two tweets are for you, starting with this:


Closing us out is user “carolaverygrant,” who also appreciates the 2D animation approach that is employed in this cinematic leap. Delivering a proper f-bomb in celebration of The Bob’s Burgers Movie hitting Hulu and HBO Max, here’s the side of fries to the burger of appreciation shown above:

Okay, I'm watching the Bob's Burgers movie and right away the animation is gorgeous. And I never cared for the art style, but they knew they were the first American 2D animated studio movie to get a wide release and decided to show the fuck up for it

So there you have it: a vote for The Bob’s Burgers Movie is a vote for 2D animation, musical humor and the continued support of the Belcher family’s unhinged antics. If you need any more convincing after this point, you may just need to watch some episodes of Bob’s Burgers to really introduce yourself to what you’re missing here. 

Luckily, through the magic of corporate synergy, you can watch the entire run of Bob’s Burgers, as well as The Bob’s Burgers Movie, on Hulu! Though if you’re only concerned with the new film and happen to be an HBO Max subscriber, that is also an option for delivering this hot and fresh family comedy to your hungry eyes. 

Fair warning: you should probably plan to order from your favorite local burger restaurant and make it a dinner/movie night. Don’t skimp on the fries either, becausr you deserve it!

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