The Orville's Seth MacFarlane Got Fans Hyped With New Picture, But I Can't Stop Laughing At Family Guy Star's Comment

Seth MacFarlane and Adrienne Palicki on The Orville
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Seth MacFarlane and his fellow producers have been promoting the upcoming Season 3 of The Orville on social media ever since Hulu rescued the sci-fi dramedy for another jaunt into space, which is finally coming relatively soon. His most recent post features a sneak preview of some new futuristic hardware, and while it looks awesome, MacFarlane's Family Guy co-star Alex Borstein stole the show with one concise but hilarious comment. 

After a production schedule filled with ups, downs, and delays, Season 3 of The Orville: New Horizons is finally making it to the Milky Way. Fans will have to wait until June to reunite with their beloved galactic travelers, but creator and star Seth MacFarlane is tiding everyone over with some sweet behind the scenes content. Take a look at his latest post below: 

The image shows “the new shuttle,” a sleek silver ship that will almost certainly see some action on The Orville Season 3. Amongst the legions of fans expressing their excitement, one comment reigned supreme, courtesy of none other than Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy cohort Alex Borstein. The voice of Lois Griffin added the comment seen below:

  • 🍆 - Alex Borstein

Borstein's vegetative comment quickly liked by dozens of Insta users and could mean literally anything. Knowing the specific brand of humor that Family Guy is known for and the publicly accepted definition of the eggplant emoji, one can assume with relative safety that any further speculation cannot be printed on a respectable website. We'll call it Big Shuttle Energy. 

In addition to Alex Borstein’s funny comment, many fans gushed over the updated design and special effects for The Orville: New Horizons. Most viewers, while excited for another look behind the curtain, are more than ready for Season 3 to drop. Alongside fire and applause emojis, one user even said the shuttle was “badass” but would have preferred to actually see the new episodes of the show. 

The frustration is understandable, but the road to another season of The Orville was paved with production mishaps, scheduling conflicts, and pandemic delays. After parent network Fox was acquired by Disney, Hulu gave the show another chance on streaming. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic began to take root around the same time, and The Orville was grounded for an extended stint. Disney also switched around multiple production schedules (including a ton of Marvel projects), and The Orville was struggling in the shuffle. Luckily for fans, Seth MacFarlane was committed to bringing the series back, and we’ll finally get the Season 3 we've been waiting for since 2019. 

The relevance of a certain eggplant emoji is TBD, but check out the first teaser for the new episodes below!

The Orville: New Horizons will fly to Hulu on June 2, 2022. If you need a quick refresher, the first two seasons are already available for those with a Hulu subscription. If you’ve already traversed the galaxy, you can check out these new television releases coming to your screen in the new year. 

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