Thinking Of Adding Peacock? Now Is The Time To Stream The Super Bowl, The Olympics, Marry Me And More

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There are too many streaming services. There, I said it. I write about TV and movies for a living, and I don’t even have all of them. There are just too many options right now. Initially, my approach was to have a few and ignore the rest, but lately, I’ve started to think the better option here is to switch around and try different things out for limited amounts of time. After all, not every service offers the same level of new value each month, and I have to say, as value goes, there’s no better streaming service to subscribe to this month than Peacock.

The NBC offering is probably best known as either the place where you can watch The Office or the place where you can watch all the WWE content, but this month, the premium level offerings have shot through the roof. Later today, Peacock will be streaming the Super Bowl. So, if you don’t have conventional TV, that’s a perfect reason to get the service by itself. Beyond that, we’re also in the middle of The Olympics, and Peacock’s Olympics coverage has been spectacular. 

I just need to gush about this for a minute. I’m a huge Olympics guy, and watching on Peacock is really, really easy. There are menu screens that allow you to drill down by event or drill down by specific network. So, for example, you can go directly to figure skating or you can go directly to NBC’s Primetime coverage which may include the figure skating as part of a larger package. It’s really simple to navigate and convenient to watch.

Peacock has been the topic of some less than flattering pieces lately after Comcast’s earnings report detailed some struggles the streaming service has been having. I get it. As I said, there are more good streaming services with compelling offerings than there ever have been before. It’s hard to stand out from the pack, and it’s hard to convince people they should cancel something else in order to pay for your service. 

But if you have been on the fence about trying out Peacock, now is the perfect time. It’s not that expensive, and the current offerings right now are the best of the best. $4.99 a month is worth it for the Super Bowl by itself. When you add in the Olympics, Jennifer Lopez’s new movie Marry Me, which premiered this weekend, and all the programming the service has already been offering, Peacock looks a whole lot more compelling than it has in the past.

I don’t know your life or what you’re into. If you’re happy with your current streaming services, stick with those, but if you’ve been thinking about trying out Peacock, now is the time to make the move. 

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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