With Ted Lasso Possibly Ending Hannah Waddingham Opens Up About The Potential For A Spinoff

hannah waddingham as rebecca on ted lasso
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Ted Lasso Season 3 is almost here and fans of the show are certainly excited. The previous two seasons have been building to this and while we don’t know what’s in store, we know that Season 3 will act as an ending of sorts, which, of course, doesn’t mean we haven’t seen the end of all these popular characters. Future seasons and spinoffs are certainly possible, though Hannah Washington says there are no plans for that right now.

We’ve been told from fairly early on that the plan for Ted Lasso has always been for three seasons worth of the series. Whatever happens in the forthcoming season will bring the show to some sort of close, and based on what Hannah Washington says to Deadline, it sounds like the show’s ending will be fairly definitive. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that spinoffs with certain characters might not happen. Washington admits that based on where the show ends, there is the potential for spinoffs with characters such as her own Rebecca Welton. However, the actress says that she knows there are no plans for such things right now. Washington says… 

To be honest, I genuinely don’t know. And you never know how they’re going to splice the season together either. There’s the opportunity and the fodder for several of the characters to spin off in their own direction. And I think the characters are so beloved that it would be reasonable for them to do so. But I know for a fact that there’s no plans of anything like that at the moment.

It would be almost hard to believe if we didn’t see some sort of continuation of Ted Lasso as a franchise. The show is incredibly popular among both fans and critics. If it were any other show we would fully expect to get more seasons after Season 3. It’s great from a storytelling perspective that the show will have a conclusion, but the ending is maybe bad news for Apple TV+. Ted Lasso is one of the fledgling streaming services' most popular. Building franchises is obviously important to every studio these days, but for Apple, which doesn’t have many other options, it’s that much more important. 

But even if considering spinoffs is possible or even likely, it’s apparently not happening right now. Washington is clear that she “knows for a fact” that there are no plans right now for anything like that to happen with her character. Certainly, if there were plans to do more with Rebecca, Waddington would know it. Of course, it's possible other members of the Ted Lasso cast are already having those talks.

Those conversations, assuming they do happen, may wait until Season 3 has reached a conclusion. That way we can wait and see which characters fans might be most interested in following. Arriving March 15, find out how to watch Ted Lasso Season 3 with our guide.

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