Brie Larson Invokes Taylor Swift In Her Latest Marvel-ous Workout Post

From Left to Right: Taylor Swift in the Anti-Hero music video and Brie Larson in Captain Marvel.
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Taylor Swift sings that it “must be exhausting always rooting for the anti-hero” in her new song “Anti-Hero.” However, in Brie Larson’s latest Marvel-ous workout video, it looks like it’s more fitting to say it must be exhausting always working out to be the hero. 

Larson is known for posting her unique workouts on social media. With The Marvels coming up soon in Marvel’s list of upcoming projects, and Fast X on the horizon, there’s been an influx in workout content from her. While I love her unconventional ways of staying fit, the actress posted her latest video saying her Anti-Hero trait (referencing the Swift song) was not wanting to do typical workouts. You can be the judge if it’s an anti-hero trait for yourself by checking out her Instagram post here: 

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It appears Captain Marvel is in her Swift era, and I love that for her. Working out to “Anti-Hero” is such a mood, and her post hilariously fits in with the social media trend Swift created for the song (even though I don’t think this is necessarily an anti-hero trait). 

If you have watched the Marvel movies in order, you may have noticed that since Captain Marvel flew into the MCU in 2019, Larson has been posting her intense, impressive and creative workouts for years now. Earlier this year she made an “im-pole-sive” decision to take pole dancing classes. She’s also shown off her strength with massive weights while preparing for the Captain Marvel sequel The Marvels. So, clearly, creative workouts are her jam.

The actress has been open and honest about her physical transformation, and why she’s so committed to it. Larson explained that she wanted to try and get to a point where she could have equivalent physical feats to what her character can do in the MCU. While she can’t fly through spaceships, she can push Jeep by herself. So, I’d say she’s reached a super-human adjacent level of strength, and she has managed to maintain it for years. 

I’d say that instead of “Anti-Hero” songs of Swift's like “Fearless” “...Ready For It?” and “Superstar” are more fitting. This is because we were not ready for such a stunning transformation from the Oscar-winning actress, and her fearlessness to take on any physical challenge makes her a superstar. 

While Swift has many upcoming projects, her latest album has prompted some massive celebrities to open up about their fondness for the mega-star. Ryan Reynolds explained that Taylor Swift is a “religion” in his household. While the pop star’s Amsterdam co-star Christian Bale got cool points from his kids for working with the singer. 

It would be pretty epic to see a collaboration between Swift (the biggest popstar) and Larson (the strongest Avenger) someday. However, while we wait for that far-fetched dream to come true, you can watch Captain Marvel with a Disney+ subscription. And, you’ll be able to see Larson collaborate with two other powerful women in the MCU when The Marvels comes out next year. 

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