James Gunn Reveals The Weirdest Guardians Of The Galaxy Fake News He's Seen, And It Involves Vin Diesel

Baby Groot in Guardians Vol. 2
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James Gunn is always active on Twitter, addressing questions from fans and firing off hot takes on just about everything in his universe. This includes DC, Marvel, his films, and everything in between. Recently Gunn answered a fan’s question, and it involves Guardians of The Galaxy star Vin Diesel, who has recently been trying to revive his Riddick franchise. Gunn addressed some fake news surrounding the Guardians franchise and one of its main stars Vin Diesel. 

The director answered a question on Twitter that asked the director to address a news story or rumor about the franchise that is absolutely not true. Of course, Gunn answered, and it surprisingly has to do with some facts surrounding Vin Diesel playing voicing Groot. Here is James Gunn’s response from his Twitter:

Gunn’s biggest dispute with the rumor mill surrounding Guardians of the Galaxy is the rumored salary of Diesel for playing Groot. The director calls the numbers that have been floated around regarding the star’s salary to be “ludicrous.” This might be a case of being too active on Twitter since that’s where Gunn gets all of these crazy rumors. MCU fans are passionate, and rumors can take hold of the fanbase and spread like wildfire. So hopefully Gunn's property doesn’t get caught up with any other ludicrous stories.  

James Gunn clarifies that it’s not that Diesel is not worth the numbers because he is in the director’s eyes. It’s just kind of silly.  Diesel is surely being compensated quite handsomely for what can only be described as probably the most straightforward job he has had in movies. The hulking actor is prepping to say goodbye to his own mega-franchise as the last two Fast and Furious films will mark the end of the road for Dom Torreto.

Gunn also recently addressed some casting shenanigans in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, shooting down some casting rumors in an A+ way. He also responded to fans’ fears about the possibility of the film being delayed, saying they were on schedule. The Suicide Squad director isn’t afraid to take risks and apparently isn’t scared of the reaction killing off characters can cause, as he explained on Twitter, so it will be wise to expect the unexpected going into Guardians 3 when it finally releases in theaters. 

Sylvester Stallone has been confirmed to be reprising his role as Stakar Ogord in Vol. 3, and Will Poulter has been cast as Adam Warlock, who was teased all the way back in Vol. 2. The film might be the last of the franchise for this iteration of the team we have come to love as the MCU continues to change and develop in phase 4. We can’t wait to see it. We will keep you updated on everything James Gunn reveals on his Twitter. 

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