Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye Just Pulled A Move That Makes Season 2 Seem A Lot More Likely At Disney+

Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld in Hawkeye.
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The words “superhero” and “Emmys” have only recently become bedfellows after MCU series WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier scored multiple nominations in 2021. Of course, given that both shows were miniseries, they were nominated in the limited series category. This year, Disney decided to push for more MCU Disney+ series, including Hawkeye and Loki, to rake up some Emmy nominations. But it’s the category Disney placed the former in that hints at a possible second season.

According to Variety, the House of Mouse submitted the show for the Outstanding Comedy Series while stars Jeremy Renner and Hailey Steinfeld were placed for consideration in the Lead Actor and Actress in a Comedy categories, respectively. Supporting players like Vera Farmiga, Florence Pugh, and Vincent D’Onofrio were submitted for the supporting categories.

This move might be puzzling after the finale hinted at Barton’s time as a hero being over and Bishop possibly entering the film universe. Usually, the comedy category is reserved for ongoing series like Ted Lasso and Abbott Elementary, not a Disney+ action-packed superhero series. 

Placing what many Marvel fans considered a limited series into the comedy category might signal to viewers that there’s more Clint Barton and Kate Bishop to come. This opens plenty of potential storylines. Will the unlikely duo battle forces on Barton’s family farm? Or seek adventure in the larger world? Will they remain partners? Or go their separate ways? There are so many questions.

While Hawkeye is being considered for the comedy categories, recent MCU entry Moon Knight will hold down the limited series category with Loki looking to gain some Emmy love in drama categories. The latter’s Emmy submissions belong in the drama category since it was confirmed for a second season as soon as the first ended. Season 2 is already filming with familiar faces like Owen Wilson and Gugu Mbatha-Raw joining Tom Hiddleston once more. There isn’t much known about the plot or what characters might pop up, which is just how Marvel seems to like it.

Hints of Hawkeye Season 2 might mean Marvel is looking to continue Barton and Bishop’s unlikely partnership. The superhero comedy series already has a spinoff in production centered on deaf crime boss Echo. But don’t expect Renner and Steinfeld to show up, as Marvel fans got their first look at Alaqua Cox as a battle-weary Maya Lopez along with the origin-based plot. So, Lopez getting a spinoff could work in her favor if Barton and Bishop do get a second go-around.

Having two series with multiple seasons could hint that Disney+ (or Disney) is looking to build Marvel’s TV slate even more than it already is, which is saying something. Along with Echo, Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law are already on the way, to name just two. Of course, there is the Agatha Harkness spinoff along with Charlie Cox taking on Matt Murdock once more for a Daredevil reboot series. These will join an already stellar lineup of shows on Disney+. Viewers will be to wait until the official confirmation comes down from Disney about whether or not fans will get Hawkeye Season 2.

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