6 Marvel Characters Jennifer Carpenter Would Be Perfect To Play

Jennifer Carpenter on Dexter
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It has been so great to see Jennifer Carpenter on the Dexter: New Blood cast, and not just for her return as the lovably foul-mouthed and headstrong Debra Morgan. Honestly, I think that an actress of her caliber deserves a bit more attention than she has received since the killer Showtime series originally ended in 2013. 

Perhaps, what would do the trick is appearing in the Marvel movies - which she has technically already done, having voiced Natasha Romanoff in the animated movie Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher in 2014. Jennifer Carpenter also has experience with DC movies, having voiced Selina Kyle in Batman: Gotham By Gaslight in 2018. However, she has yet to star in any live-action superhero movies and I'd love for that to change. And with that in mind, I'm suggesting the following six Marvel characters she would would be an ideal choice for - starting with one she would need very little preparation for.

Jean DeWolff from Marvel Comics

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Jean DeWolff

There are multiple Jennifer Carpenter TV shows in which the actress plays a woman with a badge - including Limitless as FBI agent Rebecca Harris, The Enemy Within as disgraced CIA agent Erica Shepherd, and, of course, Dexter as high-ranking Miami metro officer Debra Morgan. Therefore, instead of a costumed vigilante, I think the actress would feel right at home making her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a cop, like Jean DeWolff. 

This old school, devoted New York detective could be considered the James Gordon to Peter Parker’s Bruce Wayne. Or, at least, that was until their partnership ended with DeWolff’s untimely death, caused by Spidey villain Sin Eater. Even if not in any upcoming Spider-Man movies, I would love to see this sharp cop get her day on the big screen and cannot think of a better fit than Jennifer Carpenter.

Dallas Riordan from Marvel Comics

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Dallas Riordan

On the other hand, it might seem out of place to pair Jean DeWolff with a superhero other than Spider-Man. In that case, I have another idea for a Marvelous cop character Jennifer Carpenter could play whose eventual presence in the MCU seems a bit more likely.

Meet Dallas Riordan: yet another NYPD officer who would go into politics before the mayor appointed her as liaison to the Thunderbolts - a team of superheroes who (unbeknownst to her) were really villains in disguise. Of course, that is just one of a few different iterations of the team that might become a focal point of the MCU’s future and, therefore, could be the character’s ticket to the big screen as well. If so, Jennifer Carpenter could bring the same moxie she brought to her previous cop roles to make Riordan an especially memorable side character.

Tigra from Marvel Comics

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Thinking about it, it would be pretty cool to see Jennifer Carpenter bring that same moxie to the role of an established superhero instead of just another cop role in the MCU. In fact, I have a character in mind who would allow her to be the best of both worlds and more.

Greer Nelson has worn various hats throughout her professional life, including fashion modeling, working as a lab assistant, and upholding the law as a police officer. However, her most prominent job title is “Avenger,” which she earned after a secret population of people with feline-esque features resurrected her as a half-woman, half-jungle cat known as Tigra. The animalistic heroine was actually supposed to have her own Hulu original animated series before it was cancelled, and casting Jennifer Carpenter as a live-action iteration would be a great way to make amends.

Lilith from Marvel Comics

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You know what? Maybe another role with a badge is the last thing Jennifer Carpenter needs right now. However, there is another character type she once played to perfection and has yet to return to: a demonic entity. To see the actress expand on the stunning work she did for 2005’s The Exorcism of Emily Rose (from future Marvel movie director Scott Derrickson), I may have a perfect Marvel character in mind.

Lilith (not to be confused with Dracula’s daughter, Lilith Drake) is so old that no record of her true origin exists and she has committed enough devilish deeds to be referred to as the “Queen of Evil.” Not to mention, she has even shared a romance with Marvel Comics’ own “king of evil,” Mephisto, whose own MCU debut has been feverishly anticipated for quite a while. Maybe they could appear in the same project?

Morgan Le Fay from Marvel Comics

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Morgan Le Fay

Despite being the “Queen of Evil,” there is actually a fair amount of other supervillains who have a little more clout and are better known for their immense power in the Marvel Comics universe that Lilith. I think I might rather see Jennifer Carpenter be given one of those more prominent roles to play, such as Morgan Le Fay.

Existing long before the creation of comic books, this sorceress is depicted in Marvel Comics as one of the most powerful and ruthless baddies there is and was previously portrayed on the non-MCU-canon TV shows Runaways by Elizabeth Hurley. Without giving too much away, one of Eternals’ post-credits scenes hints that Morgan Le Fay could officially become canon soon and to see Jennifer Carpenter bring her to the big screen would be an amazing opportunity to show her worth as a villain.

Madame Web from Marvel Comics

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Madame Web

On second thought, I think I might actually prefer Jennifer Carpenter when she is playing someone on the right side of justice. Yet, seeing her play a character of incredible power would still be pretty awesome. She might actually have a chance at that in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe of Characters, which has had a Madame Web movie in talks for a bit.

There have actually been two characters to hold the “Madame Web” moniker - the most current being former Spider-Woman coincidentally named Julia Carpenter. Outside of their similar names, I see much reason for why Jennifer Carpenter would be a great pick for the blind, clairvoyant being with unparalleled knowledge of the Marvel Multiverse. In fact, she is also noted for her superhuman strength and agility, which Carpenter has practiced many times throughout her career.

You know what might be really fun? If Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall got to star in a Marvel movie together, either brother and sister or platonic crime-fighting partners, or ever adversaries. I already have Marvel characters in mind for the Golden Globe-winning actor, too!

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