The Marvels’ Brie Larson Is Back To Crushing Pull-Ups Ahead Of The New Year

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Getting into superhero shape is some serious business, especially if you didn’t start out absolutely jacked like Dwayne Johnson did ahead of Black Adam. Brie Larson has come quite a long way in building muscle over time after getting cast as Captain Marvel for the MCU. Instead of setting goals for after the New Year starts, it looks like she’s heading into 2022 with some serious skills as she shares a new workout video--and there's some new pull-up skills this time.

Earlier this year Brie Larson impressed fans with a one-armed pull-up, and now she’s back to crushing it in the gym with a full set pull-ups. You can check out the video in the tweet below, where Larson makes it clear she has been working out through the holidays:

The video may only show Brie Larson doing five pull-ups, but that's about five more pull-ups than most of us can do. (Though if you're jacked and reading this article, kudos.)  While most people may pull themselves all the way up just once and do multiple reps from that position, Larson is actually pulling herself all the way from the ground for each of her reps and bringing her legs up to her chest at the same time. With each of her pull ups being a full-bodied one, she’s using a massive amount of strength to achieve her goal. 

Honestly, it makes sense that she has gotten so strong, because she’s seemingly been training non-stop over the last year. While she may not be employing any of the wild techniques of some of her fellow Marvel stars (here's looking at your bloodflow workout Chris Hemsworth), she apparently is not against using some chains and other impressive-looking tactics in her own workouts. 

While her dedication to becoming superhero strong is respectable, it also seems to come naturally to her. Brie Larson appears to genuinely enjoy working out now that she’s gotten in the swing of transforming her body for Marvel, and it’s like she can’t stop sharing her progress with fans

Captain Marvel is thought by many to be the strongest Avenger, and even one of the most powerful Marvel heroes in general. While she’s certainly not as massively muscled as some of her super colleagues, it’s pretty awesome that Brie Larson is taking the character to heart and becoming pretty fit herself, even if she doesn’t actually have super strength or flying abilities.

The Marvels is Brie Larson’s next appearance as Captain Marvel, and the film will introduce more characters into the MCU during Phase Four. The upcoming Marvel film is still filming, and we have quite a bit to wait for the film. As it stands now, The Marvels has a release date of February 2023, which gives us over a year to wait before we see the fruits of Larson’s labor on the big screen. That’s OK, though, because there is plenty of Marvel content to look forward to in 2022 as Phase Four continues.

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