When Asked About 'Hard' Filming On Thor: Love And Thunder, DP Immediately Opens Up About Chris Hemsworth's Butt

Chris Hemsworth shirtless in Thor: Love and Thunder
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

With the highly anticipated release of Thor: Love and Thunder steadily approaching and the film having  its Hollywood premiere, fans are more excited than ever to see Chris Hemsworth's God of Thunder and Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor arms in action. Of course, such a film can be challenging to make, especially considering the intricacy of Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase Four from both creative and production standpoints. And in the case of this movie, Hemsworth’s butt apparently caused some difficulty on set, according to director of photography Barry "Baz" Idoine.

Barry Idoine caught up with Deadline on the red carpet for the world premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder, which is where the cinematographer revealed that Chris Hemsworth’s butt was quite the distraction on set of the upcoming Marvel movie. While Idoine may have known how he wanted to execute the work, things were apparently tricky due to the fact that so many people were distracted by the actor's cheeks. Here it is in his own words:

It's incredibly hard to shoot Chris Hemsworth's butt. I mean, nobody concentrates, nobody does their job, everybody's looking at the butt, they're not looking at what they're supposed to be doing. That was a challenge.

I mean, this is totally valid. Chris Hemsworth’s massive arms are a distraction for me, so I can’t even imagine trying to work in the same space as his butt. Even though the people who were on the set of Thor: Love and Thunder were total professionals in their own right, I still can’t really fault them for falling under some kind of film-halting spell when confronted with Hemsworth’s behind.

It’s very possible that it was the lack of Thor’s typical garb that amplified the situation. The most recent trailer for Love and Thunder revealed that Chris Hemsworth has a nude scene, and I’m willing to bet some pretty big money that filming said scene was a show-stopping affair. 

People are pretty used to seeing the Marvel star shirtless at this point, but it sounds like it may have been a whole different ball game when it comes to filming his rear end. As far as the fandom goes, they certainly have been hitting the replay button on the moment Thor gets nude in the trailer and it certainly could serve as a major reason for those who are (and aren't) fans of the MCU to check out the movie on the big screen.

Considering that there's been a friendly rivalry over who the best God of Thunder is in Thor: Love and Thunder (between Chris Hemsworth’s OG and Natalie Portman’s new Mighty Thor), the nude scene might be a boon for the former. Thor Odinson may have earned some major brownie points there. But as mentioned Portman's arms have been a topic of discussion on the web. All in all, it looks like both on-screen heroes are out to impress.

With the amount of attention certain body parts are getting ahead of the film’s release, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Chris Hemsworth’s butt and Natalie Portman’s arms don’t get their own film credits. Despite the (very warranted) distraction that Hemsworth’s butt provided, though, Thor: Love and Thunder is still set to hit theaters on July 8th, and I honestly can’t wait to see the completed film on the big screen.

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