Hugh Jackman Pays Tribute After Wolverine Voice Actor's Death At 91

As far as Marvel comics go, there are few characters quite as popular as Wolverine. While that’s a role most associated with Hugh Jackman’s run on the big screen, he’s not the only performer to inhabit his claws. Actor Isaac Bardavid was the Brazilian voice dub for Logan throughout Jackman’s run, which is why he recently paid tribute after his death at age 91.

Hugh Jackman might have played Wolverine for well over a decade, but his vocal performance is often dubbed over for its wide international release. This is where Isaac Bardavid came in, with his own growly take on Logan’s dialogue for the Brazilian dub. Jackman got to meet him before his death and shared a sweet tribute to the late voice actor. As he shared on social media,

As always, Hugh Jackman remains a total class act. And when he heard about Isaac Bardavid’s passing, he added to the many touching tributes that have started pouring in online. And the fact that it’s a video definitely makes the post all the more personal.

The above post comes to us from Hugh Jackman’s personal Instagram account. While he’s currently busy starring in The Music Man on Broadway, the news of Isaac Bardavid’s passing seems to have hit him hard. And as such, he shared this sweet message to his whopping 30 million followers on the social media platform.

For American audiences, it might be easy to forget about the various other actors who make movies possible internationally. And with Isaac Bardavid serving as the Brazilian dub for projects like the original X-Men trilogy, audiences likely have an emotional connection to the tones of his voice–especially as Wolverine.

The video shared by Hugh Jackman shows how much care he took with his legendary run as Wolverine, including connecting with other actors who helped bring his performance to the world. He’d ultimately play Logan in a whopping seven X-Men movies, in addition to a few cameos. Although some fans are still hoping to see him return to the role via the MCU.

Of course, Isaac Bardavid’s legacy extends beyond his time dubbing the role of Wolverine for the big screen. Other characters that he helped bring to life include King Harold in Shrek 2, and James Gordon in Batman: The Animated Series. As such, we can likely expect more tributes to continue pouring in.

Our thoughts are with  Isaac Bardavid’s loved ones and countless fans out there. Be sure to check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

Corey Chichizola
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