Would Halle Berry Play Storm Or Catwoman Again? Here’s The Latest

Halle Berry as Storm in X-Men: Days of Future Past
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Actress Halle Berry has had a long and wildly successful career, spanning multiple genres and including a groundbreaking Academy Award win. She’s also played some iconic superhero figures, to varying degrees of success. And with so much multiversal action happening on the big screen, would Berry play Storm or Catwoman again? Here’s the latest.

Of her many roles, Halle Berry is well known for playing Storm in four different X-Men movies. She also portrayed the title character of the infamous Catwoman movie, which has been getting some love recently online. Berry was asked if she’d be interested in playing these comic book icons again, to which she said:

I would revisit any of them, actually. I loved all of those characters and I was always grateful to get to play them and be a part of those big franchises, you know? So I would revisit any of them.

Now this is exciting. It looks like Halle Berry would be down to play either Storm or Catwoman sometime in the future. While it remains to be seen if this actually occurs, it’s a thrilling concept that is sure to intrigue fans. But when might she be able to return to those roles?

Halle Berry’s comments to Comic Book came during an interview about her new movie Moonfall. Eventually the conversation turned to her contribution to the superhero genre. And with actors like Tobey Maguire and Michael Keaton reprising their roles from years earlier, it seems like now would be the perfect time to see Halle Berry suited up. After all, she’s continued to keep in superhero shape with some wild action roles.

It seems like Halle Berry’s career could seemingly go anywhere, with the Oscar winner recently making her directorial debut with Bruised. She also starred as a fighter in that movie, doing some dizzying fight choreography. Add in her action and stunts for John Wick, and it’s clear that Berry would be able to easily suit back up as either Storm or Catwoman.

Halle Berry’s last appearance as Storm came with 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, which featured the original actors and First Class stars in an epic story across multiple timelines. But she was noticeably absent from the last few installments in the franchise, with Alexandra Shipp playing a younger version of Ororo Monroe. 

Then there’s the Catwoman movie, which was a critical and box office disappointment when hitting theaters back in 2004. Halle Berry won a Golden Raspberry award for Worst Actress, bringing her Oscar to the ceremony and having a great sense of humor about it. She recently addressed that infamous project online, with the movie getting a resurgence after recording artist Saweetie dressed up as Berry’s character for Halloween.

You can catch Halle Berry in Moonfall starting February 4th. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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