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The Rock is everywhere right now. Dwayne Johnson has a slew of movies in the pipeline right now, including Central Intelligence, which comes out this weekend. While he may go to see his new movie, he probably won't enjoy any candy during it, as he revealed in an interview that he hasn't had candy at all since he caught a movie back in 1989. Yeah, we know, some of you weren't even born then. But Jimmy Fallon wasn't taking that knowledge lying down. Instead, he literally forced some pop rocks down Dwayne Johnson's throat. You can catch the action, below.

After getting a little phallic with what may be the world's largest gummy worm, The Rock admits that it might be time he tried candy again. Jimmy Fallon gives him a slew of choices in terms of what he can try. There's a nerd rope, which Fallon wryly suggests wasn't even out 27 years ago. Yes, it's been 27 years since The Rock had candy. Do the math. He also is given the choice of the gummy worm, some Twizzlers, which just so happened to be the last candy Dwayne Johnson had, and ring pops.

Honestly, The Rock is really good at eating candy. It's not that it takes a great skill set to stuff sugar down your throat, but the way he contemplates those Pop Rocks when they are in his mouth is just downright civilized and masculine at the same time. I'm feeling rather dreamy just watching him... Anyway, it's clear he puts time and focus into any activity he is attempting.

It's sort-of amazing that someone can be so entertaining that watching Jimmy Fallon stuff Pop Rocks down his or her throat can totally keep our attention, but Dwayne Johnson has been crushing this hard for a long while. Not only is he a key player in the Fast and Furious franchise, but he'll also be in Fast 8. In addition, he has his own comedy on HBO called Ballers and he has too many other movie projects in the works right now to list in this one tiny paragraph. If you'd like the full list, head here. I'm just hoping that every single writer will include a scene with candy in the future so that The Rock won't have to go another 27 years without having some type of candy. Kudos to him for keeping a strict diet, though. You can find out what happened when the average human attempted Dwayne Johnson's diet here.

In addition, you can catch new episodes of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET, only on NBC.

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