Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers: Who Won The Veto?

This article contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds, including who won Head of Household, who they nominated and who won the Veto. Some of this will be revealed on Sunday's episode, but if you're trying not to get ahead of the episodes, read no further!

Head of Household - James

Nominated for eviction - Bridgette and Frank

Won the Veto - Michelle

Thursday's episode ended without a Head of Household, and when the feeds came back after Friday's Battle Back episode, James was already Head of Household. He put Frank and Bridgette on the block. From conversations I've heard around the house, it sounds like HoH was an endurance competition, and it also sounds like promises were made, some of which may have already been broken. I get the sense James may have assured Bridgette or Frank (or both?) that they were safe, only to go and nominate them anyway.

We'll hopefully get to see what went down during Sunday night's episode.

Meanwhile, the Veto competition took place last night, and it sounds like it was the OTEV conversation. Michelle won it, and the Veto ceremony takes place tomorrow.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, Frank sat down with Michelle and had a big conversation with her, trying to get her to consider using the Veto.

The key points to take away from the conversation:

-- Frank wants Michelle to use the Veto, so that he can convince James to put Da'Vonne out.

-- Frank has openly said he refuses to campaign against Bridgette. She's the only person who's had his back and who believes him over all the BS that's been said about him.

-- Michelle doesn't want Frank to go this week.

-- Michelle hates Bridgette and wants her to go this week. (It seems very personal.)

-- Michelle thinks Frank's best bet is to campaign against Bridgette.

Michelle heard Frank out, and seemed to respond to his point that using the Veto is what fans want. They like big moves. They like when the house turns, etc. But Michelle later relayed that part of the discussion to Da'Vonne and others, so it probably doesn't make a difference.

As of right now (Sunday afternoon), I don't think Michelle will use the Veto. If using it would ensure Bridgette went home, I think she would. She's been playing pretty emotionally, and she can't seem to get past her hatred of certain women in the house (Tiffany, Bridgette). But there's still a whole day between now and when the Veto ceremony takes place, so who knows.

Regardless, things are not looking good for Frank, which is disappointing and pretty predictable in what is proving to be a really weird season so far. The fact that Victor seems to have drifted back into the game as easily as he went out, is evidence of that. If anyone's even remotely concerned about him right now, I don't see it. He may even find himself a spot in Paulie and Paul's quiet alliance.

On the bright side, Frank's not giving up. And he's going to work as many angles as he can to convince people to work with him and keep him (and preferably Bridgette too) in the house. I get the sense that James is just trying to appease the majority with his nominations, and if enough people came to him with a new plan, he'd be receptive of it. Frank seems to think that too, and he's already working hard to get people to see that Da'Vonne is the real threat. Whether or not it actually amounts to anything remains to be seen, but at least the feeds will hopefully be interesting.

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