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Anybody looking for knuckle-busting comic book action on TV right now is having to look back to things that have already come out this year, since the holidays have halted most new content. You might soon find yourself dipping back into Daredevil Season 2 to relive Jon Bernthal's take on Frank Castle, now that one of The Punisher standalone series' stars shared a new look at the entire cast grouped together for the first time. They're not all in costume or anything, but it's easy to get giddy imagining the ruckus this squad is going to create.

Welcome to team Punisher. #thepunisher #jonbernthal #marvel #netflix #2017 #frankcastle

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Having it in black and white helps, right? If you squint your eyes and loll your head, Deborah Ann Woll's skirt kind of looks like it has Punisher skulls on it. Loll for as long as it takes, guys.

Now, let's talk about how amazing it would be if Frank Castle's first time out as a lead character in a TV show featured the hair situation that Jon Bernthal has going in the picture? That particular 'do is probably not for this project, though I like to think that Frank Castle's war days somehow didn't necessitate him having a buzzcut, and that he scratches his beard sometimes after blowing people's heads off their shoulders.

All things follicle-related aside, how about that lineup of actors? From left to right, we have Jason R. Moore, who is playing Frank's friend Curtis Hoyle; Michael Nathanson, who's playing Homeland Security agent Sam Stein; Daniel Webber (who shared the Instagram post), who is playing young military vet Lewis Walcott; Amber Rose Revah, who is playing Homeland Security agent and Frank-watcher Dinah Madani; Ebon Moss-Bachrach, as Frank's ally and supplier Micro; Jaime Ray Newman, as Micro's wife Sarah Lieberman; Jon Bernthal, who's obviously Punisher himself; Deborah Ann Woll, the Daredevil star reprising her role of Karen Page; and Ben Barnes, who'll play Frank's best buddy from his special forces days. Stacked cast.

Details for The Punisher aren't plentiful beyond the character descriptions and the vague logline of "Frank Castle copes with his family's murder by becoming a DGAF vigilante." That's really all you need from this story, but it's clear the character's comic book past, particularly his military stints, play a big influence in the characters deep in Frank's life. I cannot wait to see how it all plays out, especially since we'll likely see Frank helping the good guys out for the Defenders miniseries.

Netflix hasn't gotten open about when The Punisher will be hitting out for audiences to pummel themselves with, but we've still got two big Marvel shows to stream before then, Iron Fist and The Defenders. To see what else the media giant has on the way, check out our 2017 Netflix schedule, and then head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what's hitting all other regions of the small screen.

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