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We've literally been waiting years for Arrested Development Season 5 to hit Netflix. Now, though, it looks like we might actually be close to having a new season of the show back on our screens. Executive producer Brian Grazer recently had this to say about the show's return to its streaming home:

I think we're really close to pulling it off finally. All of the actors have agreed to do it and I think they've agreed to their compensation structure. That's been the hardest--it's all hard...But it should be happening soon.

Well, damn. It's about time, right? Arrested Development aired for three seasons on Fox, from 2003-2006, but was canceled due to low ratings. The rabid cult fanbase of the series, though, was able to keep the show alive in the public's consciousness, and Netflix stepped in to revive the beloved show with Season 4. That season hit the service way back in 2013, though, and fans have been looking forward to Season 5...well, ever since Season 4 appeared on screen. So, word that we might finally be able to set our adoring eyes on a new season is some of the best TV news ever.

Even though we've been eagerly waiting to hear about Season 5 of Arrested Development hitting Netflix, it does make a lot of sense that it would take some heavy work to get things going. Everyone in the main cast is busy as hell, and working around their schedules would be a major issue when it comes to planning the filming of the show. Jeffrey Tambor is the lead on the Amazon series Transparent, Jessica Walter is a part of the voice cast of Archer, Will Arnett voices the lead on Netflix's BoJack Horseman and has a variety of TV and film projects in the works, Tony Hale has a major role on HBO's Veep, and other cast members like Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat are all hard at work on television and movie projects that Arrested Development would have to work around.

It's worth noting that Brian Grazer mentioned, in his chat with The Wrap, that all the actors seem to have finally agreed to the financial terms of doing Season 5 of Arrested Development. We've never heard anything but positive news from the cast members when it comes to talk of doing another season of the loony comedy, so, aside from the obvious scheduling conflicts that would have to be worked out, making sure everyone is getting paid what they want would have been the only other snag, as Netflix has always been eager to continue the show for at least one more season.

Luckily for fans everywhere, there's no worry that the new season will be hastily put together. Creator Mitch Hurwitz has known for over a year now what the next season of the show will be about. Since Season 4 ended with Buster getting arrested for the murder of Lucille 2, after she went missing leaving only a pool of blood behind, Season 5 is planning to go all true crime on us and delve into the investigation of her disappearance/possible murder. I can already tell that this is going to be a hum dinger of an Arrested Development season, can't you? CinemaBlend will keep you updated with Arrested Development details as they become available, but be sure to check out our Netflix premiere schedule to see what you can watch on the service in the coming weeks.

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