Watch Gal Gadot And Jason Statham Kick Ass In This Epic Super Bowl Commercial

It's that Super Bowl time of year again, which means one thing: commercials are about to get a whole lot more interesting. We're still a couple of weeks away from seeing the two best football teams in the NFL facing off in primetime, but one Super Bowl ad has already hit the web, and it features two of the best action stars in showbiz today doing what they do best: kicking ass and looking good while doing it. Take a look at Gal Gadot and Jason Statham in this brand new Super Bowl commercial:

I never thought I'd want to see a Wonder Woman/Crank crossover film, but I might need to rethink that position after watching Gal Gadot and Jason Statham tear through henchman as a team in this commercial. Honestly, for the minute or so before the ad revealed that it was for Wix, it was hard to say what we were really watching a commercial for. The ad could have been for anything from high heels that don't break no matter how many weird moves you make while stabbing people in the eye to noise-cancelling headphones that can block out the sounds of an epic fight.

The Super Bowl primetime block is always filled with creative ads, so kudos to Wix for recruiting two action stars to produce a commercial that will certainly be unforgettable, no matter how many heart-wrenching puppies or creepy monkey babies hit the airwaves during the 2017 game. The commercial competition on the night of February 5 will undoubtedly be stiff. If this Wix spot is any indication of ads ahead, the non-football parts of the Super Bowl should be plenty of fun.

All things considered, the 2017 Super Bowl sounds like it could have a lot going on even for those of us who don't really care about football. Lady Gaga herself will be headlining the halftime show, and she has a crazy performance planned. Past acts have gotten pretty bonkers, but Lady Gaga is the first one to consider performing parts of her halftime extravaganza from the dome of the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas this February. Non-football fans may want to use the actual game for snack and bathroom breaks.

The roster for Super Bowl LI has not yet been confirmed. The teams battling for the top prize will be either Green Bay or Atlanta against Pittsburgh or New England. The final rounds of playoffs take place this weekend. You can catch the Super Bowl (and all of its ads) on Fox on February 5, and be sure to stick around afterward to catch the series premiere of 24: Legacy. Take a look at our midseason TV premiere schedule to see what else you can watch on the small screen in the coming weeks.

Laura Hurley
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